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Staff, please read info.
Maratalk: Open
Friend Requests: Only if I know you
Maramail: Open
Club Invites: Closed
(Courtesy of Fae <3)

Alert Staff: Sans and I are related, so we may occasionally set up trades or send each other gifts, plus we share the same IP. Candykira is also a friend of mine! Echoel is my boyfriend so I may send him things from time to time and share IP's with him. I also switch between devices and may have different IP's.
Mechanized the Robot Zoink
13 years & 8 months OldBorn 18th Jan 2008 16:04

Prison Dapurtle
3 Years 3 Months Old
3 Years 4 Months Old
17 Years 5 Months Old
17 Years 5 Months Old
Green Cherub
17 Years 5 Months Old
Plushie Flobberbat
17 Years 5 Months Old
Grey Ivor
17 Years 5 Months Old
Grey Wisp
4 Years 5 Months Old
Level 1 Actor earning MP150MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP200MP a day
Health 4  Charisma 10  Language 5  Music 4  DVDs 5  Books 2  Instruments 10