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Gym Tan Laundry! I was created as frillyren in January of 2007 when my owner first joined marapets, i am the first pet of this profile. The name frillyren was given to me because i was created as an osafo (which my owner thought had frilly wings) and ren because my owner is Renee. Over the years i've have many transformation as can now be seen from my transformation page and on 3/21/09 my name was changed to Antyllia. My owner wants to keep me as a non-le so that i may receive free stats from daily events without much loss of costume or pet.
Antyllia the Island Yuni
13 years, 9 months & 14 days OldBorn 6th Jan 2008 23:02

13 Years 9 Months Old
11 Years 1 Month Old
10 Years 11 Months Old
8 Years 8 Months Old
8 Years 11 Months Old
8 Years 8 Months Old
7 Months 19 Days Old
10 Months 5 Days Old
Level 16 Pop Star earning MP6,500MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP7,800MP a day
Health 100  Charisma 170  Art 115  Language 115  Music 180  CDs 120  DVDs 100  Instruments 400  Coordination 150 

Staff of Celebration
Golden Goose Axe
Golden Goose Axe
Orange Magic Powder
Purple Magic Powder