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Full name Defense Dragon Alex Madison. He???s is standoffish and only loves things from a distance. He is the oldest Morpher and bears the weight of that even if he does not have to. The strongest defense of the 13 he takes the forms of dragons, a chameleon(s),turtle(s), and frogs/toads (no fish or snakes).Typically in greens/browns or Camouflage/army print/ army uniform you may see why I let him stay as a Rainbow Zetlian for now that and I love those, he once was a Camouflage mouse for awhile :P.
Dangan the Rainbow Zetlian
12 years, 1 month & 14 days OldBorn 5th Jan 2008 14:04

12 Years 1 Month Old
12 Years 1 Month Old
11 Years 4 Months Old
11 Years 3 Months Old
7 Years 3 Months Old
Level 10 Thief earning MP850MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP1,500MP a day
Level 27  Strength 55  Speed 110  Charisma 12  Sports 40  CDs 12  DVDs 22  Magic 60  Spells 20  Stamina 20  Coordination 35  Law 10 

Zetlian Dagger