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[center]Nanas Nook[/center][br][br]

I am a Grandma who likes Marapets.[br][br] I know some other Grandmas on here too![br][br] We are just big kids at heart![br][br]I like doing the special events such as Halloween, Advent Calendar,Pumpkin Hunt,BD and Undying Festival.[br][br]My pets are NOT for trade! [br][br][br]
STAFF: AngelicGal & I are sisters and give to each other on a regular basis, so please do not ban us! Thank You =)
MistyPond the Hairy Chibs
13 years, 10 months & 15 days OldBorn 6th Dec 2007 14:08

17 Years 6 Months Old
17 Years 6 Months Old
Level 17 Doctor earning MP10,950MP a day

Staff of the Undying
Autumn Scythe