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Marapets is mobile friendly
Hello! :)
Not here much anymore.
If you see me logged on I mostly just lurk.
My interest in playing on here comes and goes so much.
So many other things to do to waste time lol
But nah, I try to be productive at times with real life stuff too. ...............

Now I'm just going to ramble for those that feel like reading more.

This is me analyzing why when the site had more issues is when I
was the most addicted vs. now when there's a whole bunch more
content added.

Interest in playing here has a lot to do with the amount of time I
have to be around and chat, make new friends, etc. Which isn't
much time at all anymore.

Content got me here, but it didn't make me stay. At least not content alone anyway.

All the features are great, but I feel like the most important thing
a site can do is make sure the community feels appreciated and
listened to. It's good to have a diverse community full of different
contrasting views. I've made the best friends when I've felt most
comfortable expressing my views and when I've been able to hear
them out fully too. The site wouldn't be around if it weren't for
the creator(s)/developer(s) and others behind the scenes, but it
can't be successful without a community to support it either.

I guess this is me saying that I hope to see the site grow more in
terms of an improved user experience.

Anyway, it's still neat for me to see how this site changes through
the years. So I know no mater what I'll stop by here and there lol
Elizibelle the Undying Fairy Phanty
13 years, 7 months & 4 days OldBorn 11th Nov 2007 14:04

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