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Counter started October 20th 2007. (Counts IPs visiting this lookup, not individual hits)

BriefCase the Baby Daisy
13 years, 10 months & 12 days OldBorn 6th Nov 2007 12:27

March 4/5 2013
10 Years 4 Months Old
Pink Jezebel
11 Years 1 Month Old
Blue Beach
11 Years Old
6 Years 4 Months Old
6 Years 4 Months Old
Level 2 Scientist earning MP350MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP400MP a day
Speed 10  Charisma 3  Language 15  Maths 3  Science 30  Books 15 

Staff of the Sewers
Staff of the Sewers
Dice of Doom
Staff of the Snowman
Staff of Candyland
Staff of Simeria