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Check out my story page :) Rosinante is my first pet on Marapets. I created her as a Gonk, which looks like a horse, and named her after Don Quixotes celebrated steed, Rosinante. I started training her in the gym, elite gym, school and university and she became my main battle pet. I was using the operation portal to help increase her stats so she became many, many different kinds of pet species wearing many costumes. Some of my favorites were a Cheese Murfin and an Angel Murfin.

Just recently she became a Kamilah Newth, a Balloon Murfin, a Minipet Fasoro and now a Bug Phanty to take advantage of free gym and school training for those specific costumes. On June 10, 2016 I used a Sparkling Quell Potion on her and then a Sleepy Costume to create my new Sleepy Quell. This change was for the Quell Experience and a new Avatar "Wide Pride," (view your pet Quell with over 2500 gourmet foods), which I just achieved on June 18, 2016! It will take something special to change her again, but you never know!

I used the Mummy Costume on Rosinante to pass level 32 of The Simeria Goals. I am going to start putting her in the operations portal, whirlpool, Foxfire Pond and Vortex Park Reservoir for stats and costume changes so I have a variety of transformations to choose from for the weekly double stats or schooling.

Rosinantes Goals

- To get to Level 15 in her Politician Job (Attained Plus made it to level 20)
- To eat all the Gourmet Foods available. So far Rosinante has eaten a total of 3459 Gourmet Foods and has a lot more to go! (Mission Impossible)
- To learn all the spells available
- To reach the Ultimate Level in all Olympic events. (Attained)
- To get trained enough to beat the Devil Trading Card and get the Impossible Avatar.


Just let me sleep, I'm tired from all the schooling, training and battling!
Rosinante the American Quell
13 years, 11 months & 13 days OldBorn 10th Oct 2007 09:02

Janice Joplin
4 Years Old
Mick Jagger
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Pink Floyd
11 Years 6 Months Old
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Level 20 Politician earning MP14,700MP a day

Staff of the Monster
Staff of the Temple
Golden Goose Axe
Alien Blaster