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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
Note: Please do not maramail me asking to trade for one of my pets. They are not for trade. [br]Note to marapets Team: As of Sep.20.2007 my sister also plays marapets her username is Cutebabe520.

So we both use the same pc.

skeletonette the Skeleton Daisy
14 years & 14 days OldBorn 7th Oct 2007 09:57

2 Years 11 Months Old
Black Pugwash
17 Years 6 Months Old
Purple Charmer
4 Years 6 Months Old
Level 16 Entrepreneur earning MP8,500MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP9,750MP a day
Charisma 90  Language 90  History 90  Geography 90  Maths 90  Books 125  Humanities 24  Business Studies 42