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8th May 2009
today i finished the temple to become a rofling and changed my name from Bovinity to Peikko
Many Thanks to my moms friend carrisa: she helps me a lot, hugs and :love:

When I got to my mum she gave me spoopy, and since the time we are best friends. a couple of times my mum has asked me to wear a different costume, it was fun to dress up. I'm like my great role model Fredda in the school and training.

17th of May 2015:
Today i got my final name: FreddaTheImp
Fredda is a mountain scavenger. She lives in the books of Walter Moers in the world of Zamonia. She is the last of her kind and lives alone in the Hutzen-mountains. Later she goes to the night school of Professor Nachtigaller in the Darkhills and gets to know Blaubär there. After finishing school, she goes across the sweetdesert and the Pyrite Mountains to Atlantis. There she meets all former classmates again and gets to know and love Chemluth Havana. if you want to know what else happened ... I can not tell you that.......
i want to be like her: wise and strong and sooooooo hairy...

....and so i hope that there is soon a way to wear a furry or hairy costume ....

furry costume was abolished unfortunately ... now I hope for the hairy .....
FreddaTheImp the Halloween Rofling
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