Read "Raining Hope" Ragdonly's Story about how her pets met Dantillias and how they helped in the Maradan war! Amiliha was born into Aj's family (as Ragdonly) on November 3rd, 2005; as a small tiny red fasaro with the brightest eyes. Aj was certain there was something there and knew she'd take great care of her.

It didn't take long for her to train her up and start her into the battle dome. In a year Amiliha went from newbie to expert. Three years after that she was an ultimate master!

Five years of very intense training, schooling and usages of all training tools Amiliha reached to great heights, being named ONE of the TOP 25 pets in Marapets! Her owner was very proud. Sadly her owner took just over 2 years off from Mara because she had a new baby and Amiliha and Dantillias's training waned... They lost their ranking, BUT she has since returned!

NOTE: It was about 2 years into all this training than her owner received "Foxkin" from a friend. Fox was renamed Dantillias and Rag became a tad smitten with this new fazzie who'd joined their family. Together both of them trained, Dan being named the 2nd of the top 25 pets.

Ragdonly was renamed to Amiliha on June 24th, 2016

Over time Amiliha had been transformed several 100 times. (long before there was a record of how often pet transformed) Amiliha had been a Angel quell and one of these days she will be there again. :)

For now; her and Dantillias work hard to get back to where they were on the Mara's top list.

Amiliha FINALLY beat Newth Nurse on Christmas day 2017!
Congratulations! You found the 'Newth Nurse' Hidden Avatar

AMILIA is ANGEL again!!! Dec 10th, 2018!
Amiliha the Angel Quell
14 years, 1 month & 1 day OldBorn 3rd Nov 2005 11:17

1 Year 1 Month Old
6 Months 28 Days Old
Green Dracone
6 Months 17 Days Old
Purple Vikee
6 Months 17 Days Old
Red Farley
6 Months 17 Days Old
Purple Hammy
6 Months 17 Days Old
Yellow Addoro
8 Months 23 Days Old
6 Months 16 Days Old
15 Years 7 Months Old
4 Months 18 Days Old
6 Months 6 Days Old
4 Months 3 Days Old
6 Months 6 Days Old
5 Months 18 Days Old
6 Months 12 Days Old
1 Month 0 Days Old
2 Months 13 Days Old
21 Days Old
2 Months 13 Days Old
1 Month 0 Days Old
Level 18 Politician earning MP12,250MP a day

Candycane Sword
Monstrous Magic Staff
Monstrous Magic Staff
Alien Blaster
Alien Blaster
Moonlight Crystal Ball
Moonlight Crystal Ball

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