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Adult player.
Pets: No ~ Clubs: No ~ Mail: Sure ~ Maratalk: For trades or friends only please :) ~ Friend requests: Only if I know you.

Welcome. I am Kuronue or Kuro depending on whichever you prefer.
I am an adult adult player.
All the basics of what you might need to know Are in my profile header.

I have been playing on on this sight since August 2007 when I was an older teenager.
I still have my very pet and my very first dream pet.
A lot has changed since I first joined, mostly for the better :]

I sometimes go on hiatuses due to work or family issues.
I will try to remember to take down any trades when I do so.
I don't want to cause cause issues for those who are questing or collecting in their search.
Sorry if I forget ^^;

If you need a photo of one of my pets, just drop me a message. I'll happily help you out with your collection. :]

Baiu the Nightmare Yuni
12 years, 5 months & 20 days OldBorn 5th Aug 2007 08:11

12 Years 5 Months Old
Razor Fang
9 Years 7 Months Old
I gots no arms said
8 Years 11 Months Old
4 Years 11 Months Old
28 Days Old
Level 4 Veterinarian earning MP235MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP285MP a day
Strength 15  Defence 6  Speed 6  Charisma 5  Language 5  Geography 6  Maths 15  Science 20  Sports 4  Books 10 

Biala Tetris Axe
Spider Solitaire Sword
Tarquin Shield
Tarquin Sword