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Marapets is mobile friendly
Always logged in on my phone, if I don't reply to a message/offer I'm not actually online

I lend out any and all my pets for goals and avvies, just ask.

Always swapping pictures and plates for my collection, again, just ask.
Inspirational message of the day:

If you don't like where you are, move, you are not a tree

Note to staff: I use different computers all the time
Lavias the Funky Mordo
13 years OldBorn 10th Jul 2007 09:48

2 Years Old
11 Months 8 Days Old
Red Loyal
11 Months 8 Days Old
10 Months 20 Days Old
Purple Kouki
5 Months 29 Days Old
Yellow Pinkal
5 Months 29 Days Old
Yellow Doomed
1 Month 22 Days Old
Level 7 Veterinarian earning MP435MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP510MP a day
Strength 30  Defence 15  Speed 15  Charisma 12  Language 8  Geography 15  Maths 30  Science 50  Sports 7  Books 25  Balance 15  Stamina 15  Coordination 15  Environmental Studies 6  Molecular Science 6 

Blade Of Light
Arcade Game Mallet
Bough Bow