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4d6bbb2f75884b54b8c2ca869af6607f2c695b0c.png Welcome to my profile. I'm Taf!


You'll find me in RC most days.
I have over 70 usernames but I'll always have my name in my signature so it's less confusing for you

A little about my Mara life:

I love doing giveaways.

I'm always trading pets but only the ones in trades. I'm always trading for real word names.

My favorite Mara species is Lorius. I love a lot of others too.

Not a fan of MT but MM is always open.

You'll find me in RC everyday.

I'm quite friendly if you forget my old Mara trolling past hehe


Thanks Playdoh for my baby elephant <3

Staff: I have moved several times so I'm on a bunch of different IPs. This is my only account.

Archas the Daylight Lorius
1 month, 19 days & 15 hrs OldBorn 28th Mar 2021 06:50