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Endormir: The French word meaning 'Sleep'. He is never for trade, he represents everyone who has passed in my life. I like to think that death is almost like a form of deep sleep. Just waiting for the next life, the next adventure as someone near and dear once put it.

A body is a heavy thing to carry, and life is heavier still. Death is merely a small break or nap until the next step.

To the grandmother who taught me that patience is how we move through the world. The great grandmother who taught me that kindness is the very best medicine. And the mother in law who taught me that nurturing the spirit can ease even the heaviest of hearts.

With a loved one, it always feels like it was too soon. No matter if they were young or old. You'll always miss them, even if it's been a long time since they left.

To all those who have passed on to peaceful rest, may gentle wings carry you through your journey as soft starlight guides your way.
Endormir the Starry Pucu
12 years, 9 months & 26 days OldBorn 3rd Apr 2007 11:16

1 Year 2 Months Old
This is
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that ate
10 Years 4 Months Old
Level 3 Mechanic earning MP210MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP260MP a day
Level 8  Strength 16  Charisma 4  Maths 8  Science 10  CDs 4