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Well, see, my Mommy can't remember when or how she got me! I'm pretty sure I was traded for, but I have no idea who she had to trade to get me! Either way I love it here, she's a great home for me, I thought she was perfect UNTIL SHE FED ME TO FAVOLOS but it's okay, you know, cause that swamp creature ate me up and spat me out anew. I used to be a lame Fairy, but now I'm a gorgeous Angel! and my Mommy loves me again (seriously, Fairy Sindis are not attractive, no wonder I was single) anywho, now that I have these shining gold wings, I am NEVER going to be leaving here.
Damson the Angel Sindi
13 years, 7 months & 7 days OldBorn 1st Dec 2006 03:36

Slow Shop Search For Av
8 Years 4 Months Old
Chest Avatar
4 Years 7 Months Old
4 Years 3 Months Old
4 Years 3 Months Old
4 Years 3 Months Old
1 Year 6 Months Old
Level 8 Banker earning MP450MP a day