Tiny Turtle was the 1st pet I created

Tiny turtle is my main pet for gourmets, toys, books, dvd, education. I do not trade this pet or loan it out because it is very costly
tinyturtle the Thunder Bolimo
14 years, 4 months & 13 days OldBorn 26th Jul 2005 17:39

Red Pulika
1 Year 5 Months Old
Red Kade
1 Year 2 Months Old
White Horus
4 Months 26 Days Old
Yellow Sniffles
4 Months 26 Days Old
Yellow Fynx
4 Months 26 Days Old
Teal Gruffle
8 Months 25 Days Old
White Kouki
4 Months 26 Days Old
White Gruffle
3 Days Old
Level 15 Teacher earning MP10,000MP a day

Banana Sword
Pirate Cannon
Plushie Sword
Golden Axe
Feliz Magic Staff
Feliz Magic Staff
Chocolate Daggers
Dukka Axe
Golden Axe

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