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~My pets are NOT for trade nor will they ever be~

Started playing December 19,2005

~Hi. I love reading the Harry Potter books and I got the last book now. I finished reading it. LOL. I love to play games and watch tv too. By the way, None of my pets are for TRADE ever. Have a nice day.~

Note To Staff

I just wanted the staff to know sometimes my niece angelkisser101, my mom nanarev, and my sister gennie use my computer when they come over to my place.

*My Birthday: April 14th*
Teyla4 the Daylight Figaro
13 years, 6 months & 23 days OldBorn 7th Nov 2006 05:52

Level 9 Banker earning MP525MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP600MP a day
Defence 25  Charisma 15  Maths 30  CDs 10  DVDs 20  Books 35  Humanities 5  Computer Science 10  Law 5  Business Studies 10