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Verdish Valentine, the vampire sister of Vincet Valentine (Final fantasy 7) or so I always say. Verdish is my vampire name and I've used it in some games. She is always searching for her one true love, never noticing how several men around her would love to be with her. She is blinded by her own search and the agony it brings to her. She is fierce in battle and quite scary out of the battle as well. Making her smile is not an easy thing to do, unless she has just tasted blood.

Khiroc is a companion of Verdish and one of those men in her life who adore her but don't get noticed.

She will never be trade either.

And yeah, those pictures are of me, old ones tho.
Verdish the Halloween Raulf
13 years, 10 months & 13 days OldBorn 3rd Sep 2006 02:35

Halloween Fynx
3 Years 4 Months Old