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Marapets is mobile friendly
I love Christmas time. Even though it has nothing to do with religion to me. To me it's all about family and candle light. Music and good food. Snow and games. Out of all pets in Mara, I still would choose Seasonal Chibs to carry my username. The picture is of me in 2010.

And obviously I would never trade her away, so don't ask.
She is also my cd and book pet since I love reading and music. :)

Fun fact: She was costumed with actual Seasonal costume just a bit before rune temple came. :D

Jhennya the Baby Chibs
15 years & 1 month OldBorn 21st Aug 2006 05:25

13 Years 9 Months Old
My Heart
11 Years 1 Month Old
My Shadow
11 Years 1 Month Old
My Soul
11 Years 1 Month Old
My Voice
6 Years 1 Month Old
Level 5 Spy earning MP575MP a day

Dukka Shield
Solitaire Knuckles