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Check out my trades! Whirlpool Treasure Map Completed: 7/8/06 at 10:20 p.m

Nickname: Sony
Started Playing: Dec 23, 2005
Gender: Female
Location: U.S.A
Age: Adult Player
Maramail: Open
Marapals: Open
Battles: Closed
Roleplaying: Closed
Status: 13 year player =]
Club: Open
Likes: Poetry, Theater, Bowling, Rugby, Adventures, Clowin'
Wishlist: STAMPS!
Last Updated: 7/7/19
Rennu the Underwater Ideus
14 years, 2 months & 6 days OldBorn 15th Aug 2006 15:05

14 Years Old
Orange Fumb
7 Years 10 Months Old
Level 12 Chef earning MP2,100MP a day

Underwater Sword
Staff of the Forest Fairy
Plushie Club
Jenoan Sword