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Marapets is mobile friendly
I do photo and plate swaps! Check my info for pet wishlist and other, well, info. Hello! Just a writer trying to collect some cute pets. I'm very open to random chit chat and inquiries about item trades and sales.

If you recognize my username on some other petsite, it's likely me, your friendly neighborhood Gazimon. Feel free to say hello.

I'm in a few fandoms if you ever want to talk about them with me. I like Homestuck, Warriors, Steven Universe, several different animes, y'know.

Everything in my gallery is negotiable.

Dream Pets:

Baby, Anime Bolimo
Winter Feliz
Monster Xoi
Lightfairy, Polar, Scout, Spring Azul

Monster Zoink
Dragon Chibs
Any Basil (especially a defective one)
Werewolf Rofling, Hump, or Tasi
Hunnypot the Cartoon Feliz
2 years, 10 months & 29 days OldBorn 28th Nov 2017 21:07