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Andrew Wood was the lead singer for the Seattle rock band Mother Love Bone. He passed away shortly before the band got to release their first and only album entitled "Apple".
Apple is one of my favorite albums of all time, Andy is one of my favorite singers, and MLB's song "Chloe Dancer/ Crown of Thorns" is one of my all time favorite songs.

True, I never knew him. He's just a celebrity to me, who passed away before I was born. But from videos I've watched and the music I've listened to, and from the things other musicians have said about him, I can tell he was a really special person.
So I made this pet in honor of him.

"This is my kind of love/
it's the kind that moves on
and leaves me alone".
-Crown of Thorns
AndyWood the Sleepy Quell
4 years, 11 months & 6 days OldBorn 9th Nov 2016 20:47