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Hey guys, this is Jamisen!
He's my little rock star child. Just like me, he loves to listen to rock and roll music; his favorite band ever is LED ZEPPELIN . ^^
He has a large collection of vinyl, and it takes up A LOT of space in our marahome. =.= Seriously, the entire basement is like full of crates of LPs!
His favorite vinyls are his Led Zeppelin albums, which he keeps in his room. He listens to them pretty much every day. He has a lot of books about the band, too, and he's always telling me new things about them. His favorite member of Led Zeppelin is the bassist, John Paul Jones.
If you ask nicely, he'll show you his Led Zeppelin stuff! But be careful around the vinyls, he's protective of them!
He's never been to a concert, but he's hoping to go to one soon! He loves it when I tell him all about the cocnerts I've been to, like the time I went and saw the Rolling Stones!

Jamisen's current favorite songs are Candy Store Rock, Fool in the Rain, Your Time is Gonna Come, Ten Years Gone, Ozone Baby, Trampled Under Foot, Tangerine, and Over the Hills & Far Away.
Jamisen the Cursed Vlad
7 years, 7 months & 6 days OldBorn 12th Mar 2014 20:02