11th December 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 4 days ago

Item Rarities have been changed. We have had many rarity changes since we opened and lots of items were either too high or too low, unretired when they should be and it had caused a lot of confusion. Yesterday, all 3001 items we have were edited. Items between rarity 1 and 20 restock in the main shops. Popular shops which are needed more often, such as Stars for example, now have a 25 sec delay between security coded restocks, as they now restock a lot more items. If you never restocked before you should have more chance at getting things now as it is a lot fairer. Rarity 21 to 30 are items that do not restock and were either gained from somewhere else or from Account Upgrades. Items that are extremely rare and very limited are rarity 31 to 50. Items that are retired are no longer avaliable anywhere on the site (but there may come a time where a few more are released, but this is rare).

We have added a Mozilla Firefox banner in some areas of the site. All of our staff use Mozilla Firefox as our main browser, because it is much faster and safer than Internet Explorer. You may want to consider trying it one day if you are a restocker.

Lots of new Pet Colours have been released today. Here they are...

The Wizard Osafo

The Seasonal Fasoro

The Starry Viotto

The Gold Viotto

The Silver Viotto

The Mutant Bolimo

The Bronze Viotto

The Black Viotto

The Mutant Fasoro

The Mutant Feliz

10th December 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 5 days ago

The 27th Marapet has now been released. The Viotto is limited edition and from Biala. (Pet 28 will not be limited edition.)

A new Mission has been released in Biala. Introducing Blitzen's Grotto. Biala being the home of Santa, Christmas is really important. Blitzen is one of Santa's reindeers and he needs your help to get enough items in time for Christmas. Viottos work for Santa too, and therefore the pet species is limited. If you can help Blitzen and complete his 30 missions he will reward you greatly. Blitzen will give you a mission every day, as long as you haven't already completed an Ublish mission in the same day. You will need to collect a certain item for him within a certain time limit. At level 1, all items asked for will be rarity 1 - upto level 30 where all items asked for will be rarity 30. If you fail to bring any of them, you will have to start again.

This is now a new Missions Forum.

Blitzen's Grotto has been added to Biala's map.

The Viotto default avatar has also been completed.

More news later...

6th December 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 9 days ago

MaraUploads have been given a new look, new site, new features and a new server! We offer ALL members 1MB upload space for free at marauploads.com. We had problems with it before, as this is an amazingly high amount of space when you see how many use it. We have saved up and bought a bigger, faster server and move the site onto a new domain name. As this costs almost $250 a month to run, we have also added very cheap Uploads Upgrades from only $1.99 to help pay for some ofo this cost. We hope you all make good use of the new uploads and also remember that signature images will soon only work with marauploads!

Journal Upgrades have been improved and released on the new Marajournals.com website. You should notice that there is a lot of extra features and advantages to them. Please note that it may take a few days for the upgrades to be sent. Those who upgraded before will be automatically sent the extras.

5th December 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 10 days ago

MaraJournals have been given a new look, new site, new features and a new server! They had lots of problems before and are finally without errors. It is easier to use and no need for ANY html skills at all - a nice looking default layout is now avaliable. You can now also have a poll, an automatic list of all entries posted, a calendar where you can view entries from specific dates, an automatic menu of all of your entries and so much more! The new Journals server also means that they load instantly - even at peak times!

Our latest award is the Best Journal Award. Judged by Laimay and I, this will given to the Journals we think are really good and have had a lot of effort put into them. Asking for this award will never get you it! Don't use your Journal? Go to www.marajournals.com and start using it today!

1st December 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 14 days ago

December Account Upgrades are now avaliable. This means that August prizes are now retired and will not be avaliable again. To try something new, this month we decided to pick 5 completely different themes rather than 1. You can choose between Old, Camouflage, Checkered, Love and Dark item themes.

The Old Costume can be used on Chibs and Osafo.

The Love Costume can be used on Tantua and Grint.

The Camouflage Costume can be used on Doyle and Murfin.

Five new Minipets are avaliable for each of the different themes.

The Checkered Costume can be used on Paffuto and Ushunda.

The Dark Costume can be used on Fasoro and Bolimo.

Five different DVDs are also avaliable for each of the different themes.

Finally, you can get a set of items for your Homes for each of the different themes. These include a Bed, Refrigerator, Cooker, Dishwasher, Sofa and Toilet. Please note that the images for these new items will not load in houses until tomorrow.

30th November 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 15 days ago

December is here and what a month it will be! We have decided not to reveal any dates that we will be releasing our tons of great features, but there is tons on the way this month!

The Advent Calendar has started! Be sure to go there daily to collect your free gift. There may be one or two rare retiring avatars released on certain days of the calendar, items and MP.

If you have a Huthiq get into the festive season with this new Seasonal costume!

November's Trophies have been awarded.

The Account Upgrades will be released later on today....

29th November 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 16 days ago
This is just a very quick update to explain our 24 hour downtime.

Our new servers that were supposidly being set up this Friday were set up last night, while I was sleeping.

As the new servers are taking longer than we had hoped, all work is being done on the servers while the site is online on a backup server.

We apoligise for the downtime - it was unexpected and took longer than we had hoped.

The new servers will be installed over the next few days and then the site will move onto the within an hour later in the week.

For now, we thank you for your patience while the site runs slightly slower on this server.

27th November 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 18 days ago

Two new avatars related to Marapets Free Email Service have been released. And no, you don't have to upgrade to get them..

The Survey has been completed and all of the Prison Costumes have been awarded. Thank you for taking part, we have some good feedback to look into and help us improve Marapets. Here is the results from one of the questions:
When MaraTalk, our free instant messenger service is released, will you download and use it?
I'll try it 32%
Maybe 27%
No 5%

Have you looked at the MaraTalk website recently?

24th November 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 21 days ago

After months of delay, Homes have been released. You can now buy upto 5 Homes each from a choice of 8 Houses, add furniture and appliances, paint the walls or change the flooring and browse through other people's houses. As they have only just been released, not all of the special features have been released yet. You should soon be able to sell your house (fully decorated and furnished) in a way similar to trades, create and manage gardens and many other features. It will take a few more days for the furniture and appliances to actually work in the houses, such as beds for your pet to sleep in and cookers to feed your minipets.

20 new Cleaning Products are restocking. When homes get untidy, pets get sick..

20 new Electrial Appliances are restocking - get them for your home now!

There are 8 new Tools to fix new problems with your Homes.

The Broken Homes image has been updated. It shows your default house - which is the Hut you are given for free - which cannot be sold.

The Avatars related to homes have now been activated.

23rd November 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 22 days ago

Aww.. this cute little Fatty is now restocking on the island.

Our latest award is the Best Marasite Award. Judged by Laimay and I, this will given to the Marasites we think are really good and have had a lot of effort put into them. Asking for this award will never get you it!

The Mutant Azul has now been completed.

22nd November 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 23 days ago
We are pleased to announce the beta release of our new Marapets Email Service. It is 100% free to all members who have email-verified their account with us and are 13 and over. You should have notice the "0 New Emails" added to the top of each page which will let you know when you receive new emails. You will also receive an event, similar to the way Maramail works. You can also send emails from your maramail.com email account, however this is very basic right now as most of its features have not been completed yet. It may take up to two weeks for it to be finished, as certain parts, such as forward and reply have not been completed yet. You should soon also be able to send attachments. Sending emails is also rewarding, as your referral link will appear on them all, which should increase the amount of members you refer to the site! There will also be some new, unique Random Events soon added that will only appear on the maramail.com website. Please remember that it is a FREE service and run on donations, so we would like to thank all those who have supported us - and continue to do so - for helping us to make this possible! As you may know already, for as long as we have players donating, more and more features can be added and remain free for everyone.

We now have new, more secure and faster Security Codes when you restock.

A new Award has been released for the Most Helpful Member. This award is randomly given to players who we believe have been very helpful to Marapets. This award is only chosen by Laimay and I, and as other staff are players of the site too, they are able to win the award too. If we decided someone has been a helpful member, our appreciation will be shown on the news and with this medal being added to their profile. How can you be the most helpful member? Easy - by regularly helping other players of the site when they need it, by following all of the rules and being friendly and polite. Asking for this award will never get you it!

Five new Books are now restocking...

There are two new Hidden Avatars for you to collect.

The Mutant Zetlian has now been completed.

19th November 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 26 days ago

We would like to apoligise for all of the current site downtime. Our New Servers have been installed and we should be able to hold lots more players and stay online without any errors. If one of our main servers crashes, we now switch over automatically to another server to make sure the site does not go down. Thank you for all of the support from those who have purchased Account Upgrades. We are currently saving for a new items server which will make restocks run without ANY lag ever.

Now not only can you get trophies for high scores but you can also get Awards from specific areas of the site. The first award is from collecting all Glowing Eggs!

The Wizard Addow is the latest pet you can use your Wizard Costume on.

19th November 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 26 days ago

Marapets will be going down at 23:00MST to move back to our new servers.
The downtime should not exceed 30 minutes.

19th November 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 26 days ago

The site has now moved back to the old server set up we had a few weeks ago, which is slower and can hold less people, temporarily until we complete our server upgrades. This is to stop the site constantly going down everytime any work needs to be done. The upgrades are to make sure that as the site grows, we do not experience any lag. It is also to prepare the site for MaraTalk. Thank you for your patience.

18th November 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 27 days ago

The Mutant Doyle and Equilor have now been completed.

Wow! Another band is selling their cds in Ziranek! Leido Trio have 3 new albums restocking...

The Fire Paffuto is the latest pet you can use your Fire Costume on.

17th November 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 28 days ago

The Mutant Ushunda and Addow have now been completed.

A new band has been signed in Marada. Disco Murfin have three new cds restocking!

The Ninja Knutt and the Wizard Tantua have been revamped.

15th November 2005
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13 years, 11 months & 30 days ago

Our first ever Survey has started. It consists of 22 questions which we would like you to answer for us. Already we have found out that 65% of you would prefer to have smaller news updates but much more often. Therefore, from now on we will try to have updates atleast every few days, if not every day. Please complete the Survey if you have not already done so, you may win one of 50 new Prison Costume - which will then retire. Please click on the 'Win a Prison Costume' at the bottom left of the site.

How do you get this brand new Gothic Avatar?

The Prison Sindi has finally been completed.

The latest band to be discovered in Marada is the Blue Addows. Three new cds by them are now restocking.

The Yakubi is the latest pet to be avaliable in fire...

11th November 2005
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14 years & 3 days ago

The High Scores system has finally had a much needed revamp. As of today, the trophies should be automatically given out at midnight MST on the first of the month. The High Scores at Slater park have also been changed to look a lot neater, and instead of just Referrals, Avatars and Arcade trophies you can now get a high score from Quests, Missions and the Slot Machine! Also, before there was the problem of joint first place position - this has now been fixed with trophies being given to each member with the top score.

It seems that a job at the Circus pays more than just MP...

9th November 2005
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14 years & 5 days ago

The Stars shop in Enpiah is now restocking 20 new stars! With so many new stars, Ublish Quests should start to get a little easier.

The mutant Murfin and Knutt have been completed.

How do you get this Scary Avatar?

Just to let you all know, this weekend the remaining 5 Zombie Costumes and 5 Mutant Costumes will be rewarded and then they will retire. This is just to replace the 10 costumes that are not seen on the site and may of been rewarded to members who are not playing anymore. Be sure to be online this weekend!

2nd November 2005
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14 years & 12 days ago

There is a new avatar for Schmog lovers to collect. It may be a long wait though...

After Sunday's problems with our image server crashing, we quickly bought our 20th server just to load the layout images. This means that if the image server ever does go down, the layout will still load so you can still find your way around. This means that the Site Layout should be loading faster and there is now much less load on the image server.

The Mutant Huthiq and Tantua have been completed.

Our Advertising Campaign started today. We have our banner and text adverts loading in over 1,000 different locations so you should notice a huge increase in hits and new members, so please can you continue to help any new members who are lost of have any questions. We would also like appreciate it if you owned a website, please could you add one of our Referral Banners or add your referral link to any signatures to other websites or email accounts you use - please check that you are allowed to do so first.

1st November 2005
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14 years & 13 days ago

November is here and as always, marapets has lots on its way. October was a very odd month for us, with lots of downtime and server problems but we managed to get all of the servers we needed and if you were online on Sunday, you would have seen that we managed 15,000 page views every five minutes without any serious problems, downtime or lagging. However, we did have problems with our image server and as we are growing very rapidly, we would like to keep ahead with the hardware so that we never experience the problems of October again. Therefore, this month's Account Upgrades money will be saving for more image servers and two more top-of-the-range servers which host the main areas of the site. We would also like to let you know that this month will definately see the return of Marahomes and we also hope to have MaraTalk released in beta - however this is still uncertain. On top of that we will have lots more cool stuff we will suprise you with!

The new Account Upgrades are here and this time with a Shadow/Gothic theme. They are avaliable to purchase now, however they will not be awarded until tomorrow. Here is what you can get:

Sindi is the 26th Marapet! It is limited edition and this will be the last time for you to get this pet through Account Upgrades - this pet is very limited.

There is a Gothic Costume with the Sindi and Tantua now avaliable in this colour. You can also get an Enchanted Plushie to be able to get a Gothic Sindi or Tantua..

There is a new battle opponent named Shadow.

There is also a new Shadow Blade and Schmog minipet!

29th October 2005
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14 years & 16 days ago

As Halloween is on monday, starting from today, all week will be Trick or Treating Week here at Marapets. To take part, all you have to do is have a Halloween pet to go tick or treating with. Then every hour, you can go to visit Elger and collect a free gift! Simple as that. You can win anything from 10MP to 10,000MP or some cool new items, such as a Elger Plushie or the new Batz minipet. All items given out by Elger for halloween this week will be retired next week, and retired items will never be avaliable again.

Don't have a Halloween Marapet? All this week the Halloween Costume will be restocking at rarity 5! There is also now a halloween Newth and Zetlian..

We will also be giving out two Zombie Costumes and two Mutant Costumes a day all week! The server has been set to randomly select 4 different times each day this week to award one of the items to a member that is online! After that, both costumes will be retired. The Mutant Walee and Chibs have also been completed.

The latest avatar is for Trick or Treat week here at Marapets. This means it will retire by next weekend.

The Halloween Treats shop is restocking 10 new items! Most pumpkins no longer restock.

Finally, for those who are going out trick or treating or having their own halloween parties, we wish you all a fun and safe Halloween!

26th October 2005
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14 years & 19 days ago

All Avatars have been fixed. This means that even Marasite Shoutboxes are back online! There are also two new avatars for you to find...

The Prison has been added to the City map.

The Layout of the site has been updated. We now have a Gallery icon to help you get to you gallery quicker. We also have adverts at the bottom of the page run by Adbrite. If you are looking to advertise with us, please now do it through Adbrite.

As promised with the release of DNA minipets, Mutant Pets will be avaliable when you use the DNA Minipets Laboratory. There will be a chance that one of the two pets you operate with may turn mutant. The Mutant Reese and Quell have now been completed.

The Clown Osafo has been revamped to fit in with the new-look Osafo. It finally looks nice =D

25th October 2005
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14 years & 20 days ago

All Server Upgrades have now been completed. It has taken us over four months to get the money to afford it and has taken almost 60 attempts but we know have the site running in the perfect set up for us. We have 20 servers all networked and running together to make the site very fast for you all, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no downtime. We would like to once again thank you all for your patience throughout all this time, as there have been lots of problems, glitches, errors and downtime while we set it all up. Most of these errors have already been fixed, but any that have not, please let us know. Also, for those who have been with us in the past when we have had problems, we now have daily backups on all 20 servers to ensure that no data is ever lost. A special thank you for all of those who have donated and helped make all of this possible.

There are 12 new Jobs now avaliable at the Job Centre in the City. There is now a wide range of different stats and income for you to find a perfect job for your pet. We have finally released Job Promotions, which means that a new random event will show up for you to move to a higer position than the one you are currently in. However, higher positions require higher stats but also have a higher income. Your pet could start as Homecoming Queen on 90MP a day and after 8 promotions become a Supermodel on 1550MP a day! Remember that you can have upto 8 pets all with their own jobs, so make sure that you are training and attending the school for the highest paid jobs!

The Prison has been released! The Maradan Prison is where pets are confined when they have committed a crime. Crimes can range from using illegal items, your pet getting caught having an illegal job or just by not paying our bills - either way, imprisonment is the only way to punish them. The prison will be added to the city later today, for now please click on the prison image below.

If your pet does ever get caught commiting an illegal offence, such as using an Illegal Concoction or with a job like a Computer Hacker, here are some of the Prison Costume pets. There is one for all 25 marapets and a costume too!

The default Yakubi and Newth avatars have now been updated.

20th October 2005
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14 years & 25 days ago

The latest pet revamp is my favourite so far. The Knutt has been updated and has much more character. It was gigantic and strange before and I now have a Green Knutt! Hope you like it too...

RESTOCK CHANGES - The restock system of the site has been completely updated. Yesterday you may have seen a huge amount of items restock. This was to quickly balance the site from our recent item problem. Restocks are now fairer, less predictable and overall restock more often. Another important change is that you can no longer restock more than one shop at a time and you can no longer remember the link to an item you are restocking. This means that there is nothing other than internet connection speed that will make restocking unfair. We hope you appreciate the changes.

We have two new Hidden Avatars. It looks like the last three that were released are not working. They should be fixed as soon as these are activated today.

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