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♡ gosh ♡ am (Gallery Size 53)
Gallery has 14 different items and 235 items in total

things i find cute or funny

Enchanted Christmas Tree Chibs Plushie
1 collected

White Dandelion
15 collected

Anime Gumball
1 collected

Grumpy Candy Spade
21 collected

10 collected

U R 2 Cute Candy Heart
36 collected

Vanilla Bubble Tea
2 collected

Jar of Lucky Stars
12 collected

Jar of Sparkly Slime
16 collected

Orange Daffodil
6 collected

White Daffodil
5 collected

Yellow Daffodil
8 collected

Bunny Teacup
1 collected

Black Cat Ice Pop
101 collected

If you add the Gallery Giftbox to your collection, your gallery will be able to hold double items - for life! Hold 25 items instead of 25!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect

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