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  1. Elger Quest Test
    30th Jun 2020 11:27
    4 days, 18 hrs & 17 mins ago
Elger Quest Test
4 days, 18 hrs & 17 mins ago
30th Jun 2020 11:27

Starting 07/01/2020 with Elger:

Allotting 2 mil MP to nothing but Elger Quests. I do have the Double Crystals box, but I am ONLY putting one crystal from each quest in my shop. The other will go in my attic for training.

I am starting with 9710 quests completed.

I will purchase every item asked for, no matter the cost. We shall see how many quests I finish with by the end of this test...and how much MP I make selling the Crystals in my shop. Again, I will only sell one of the 2 I get from each completed quest.

The purpose of this test is to see how many quests one can complete on 2 mil MP and how much they can earn from selling the quest items they receive. This is only a test, and does not indicate any actual outcome from anyone else that may attempt the same thing, but is intended as a guideline for potential profit....

Stay tuned for the results! I will give it until Friday to see how much I make from my Crystal sales and update the results here.

07/01 Update:

Since Mara will be having maintenance I am pausing for the day. I have currently spent from the 2 mil MP down to 1.355 MP.

I have gone from 9710 completed quests to 9879.

My current Shop Till balance is 1,144,699.

I still have 63 more crystals in stock as of 11:49 Mara time.

Once the maintenance is over I will continue!

07/02 Update:

All 2 mil has been used!

I have started this test with 9710 quests completed, now I have 10,029 for a total of 319 quests.

I received the bonus of 25k MP 3 times. This left me with 316 Crystals to go in my shop.

Currently my shop till has 1,585,983 MP in it.

There are still 170 crystals left to sell.

I will see what happens between now and tomorrow evening!

07/03 Update:

Current Shop till balance is 2,835,388

There are still 48 items to sell.

Now, I was only going to give it until today, but because there was a delay with the maintenance I am going to give it until tomorrow morning.

I will give my final update then!

@Verse Good to know! I will keep that in mind and may do this a second time when that is not the case to see if it makes a difference. @Erupt I will also do this for other quests as well. Depending on the quest I may give the items longer to sell. Thanks guys!
333 days, 22 hrs & 5 mins ago 1st Jul 2020 07:39
will be interesting to see results, though i would caution that crystal prices are deflated because elger was the weekly contest - so may affect your profit quite a bit
313 days, 22 hrs & 12 mins ago 1st Jul 2020 07:32
thanks for doing this! I am interested to see the results
194 days, 6 hrs & 8 mins ago 30th Jun 2020 23:36
  1. Elger Quest Test
    30th Jun 2020 11:27
    4 days, 18 hrs & 17 mins ago