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Marapets is mobile friendly
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2016 Events
4 years, 9 months & 14 days ago
12th Feb 2016 11:19

2016 Winter Event

Christmas Present Prize 2016

- December 11, 2016 - December 25, 2016
- If you wait until December 24th or 25th to open them, you will win double prizes!

Banana Crepe - (kinko collection)
Candycane Sugar Cookies - (kinko collection)
Chestnut Fudge - (kinko collection)
Chocolate Ice Cream Crepe - (kinko collection)
Frost Icy Mix - (kinko collection)
Fruit Crepe - (kinko collection)
Ghostly Candle - x1 (kinko collection)
Gift Wrapped Wreath - x1 (kinko collection)
Giftbox Ornament - x1 (kinko collection)
Jolly Icy Mix - (kinko collection)
Maple Syrup Snow Taffee - (kinko collection)
Partridge - x1
Peanut Butter Crepe - (kinko collection)
Stitched Book - (kinko collection)
Stocking Loot - (kinko collection)
Strawberry Icy Mix - (kinko collection)
Strawberry Jam Crepe - (kinko collection)
Vanilla Ice Cream Crepe - (kinko collection)
Winter Peaks Stamp - (in collection)

Carol Singing 2016 Prize

- December 12, 2016 - December 31, 2016
- You can only visit each person once per day and you will receive MP or an item. All of these item prizes will retire at the end of this event too!
- If your character is wearing an approved Christmas Costume you are guaranteed an item or MP prize at every visit.

Apple Cider Caramels - (kinko collection)
Bloody Yule Log - x1 (kinko collection)
Carol Sheet Music - (kinko collection)
Christmas Drum - (kinko collection - Grade 10)
Coal Dust Powder Candy - x1 (kinko collection)
Crackling Fire Sounds - x1 (kinko collection)
Cranberry Cocktail - (kinko collection)
Dark Chocolate Coal - (kinko collection)
Festive Bells - (kinko collection - Grade 10)
Festive Eggnog - x1 (kinko collection)
Festive Hot Chocolate - x1 (kinko collection)
Festive White Hot Chocolate - x1 (kinko collection)
Gingerbread Book - (kinko collection)
Gingerbread Imposter - (kinko collection)
Holiday Cards - x1 (kinko collection)
Holiday Horn - (kinko collection - Grade 10)
Holy Harp - (kinko collection - Grade 10)
Mini Cranberry Tarts - x1 (kinko collection)
Mistletoe Stamp - x1 (in collection)
Mulled Wine - (kinko collection)
Neopolitan Snowman Ice Cream - x1 (kinko collection)
Nice List - (kinko collection)
Sack of Coal - x1 (kinko collection)
Slices of Fruitcake - x1 (kinko collection)
Snow Guitar - (kinko collection - Grade 10)

Krampus 2016 Prize
- December 8, 2016 - January 1, 2017
- Pets wearing an Advent, Angel, Blitzen, Christmas, Christmas Tree, Elf, Gingerbread, Ice, Polar, Seasonal, Snow, Snowman, Tundra or Winter Costume can visit Krampus every 15 minutes.
- All other pets can visit every 30 minutes

Black Eye Pearl - (kinko collection)
Bloody Manuscript - x1 (kinko collection)
Blue Eye Pearl - (kinko collection)
Brown Eye Pearl - (kinko collection)
Green Eye Pearl - (kinko collection)
Krampling - x1
Krampling Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
Krampus Blade - x1
Krampus Greeting Card - x1 (kinko collection)
Krampus Hot Cocoa - x1 (kinko collection)
Krampus Snowglobe - x1 (kinko collection)
Krampus Tales - (kinko collection)
Krampus Teddy Bear - x1 (kinko collection)
Naughty Arinya Plushie - (kinko collection)
Nice Arinya Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
Poached Pear - (kinko collection)
Red Eye Pearl - x1 (kinko collection)
Smashed Green Candycane - (kinko collection)
Smashed Red Candycane - (kinko collection)
The Night Before Krampus - (kinko collection)

Advent Tree Prize 2016
- need to have completed Advent Tree Instructions

Advent Tree Stamp - (in collection)
Cargo Jacket - (in wardrobe)
Clam Shell Bandeau - (in wardrobe)
Giant Christmas Tree Plushie
Glitter Clam Shell Bandeau - (in wardrobe)
Icicle Lollipop - (kinko collection)
Matcha Ice Cream - (kinko collection)
Metalic Clam Shell Bandeau - (in wardrobe)
Puffy Jacket - (in wardrobe)
Slouched Sweater - (in wardrobe)
Snow Nino
Snow Sindi
Snow Vixen
Snow Zola

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------

2016 Thanksgiving Event
- November 23, 2016 - December 15, 2016
- With Talon frightened that he will be cooked instead, he has hired a replacement Burple until December 15th.
- Visit the Talon Quest page and start a quest.
- You then battle and win against Burple and go back to the quest page to complete it.

Thanksgiving Prizes 2016

Blue Stuffed Gobble Plushie - x2 (kinko collection) (in collection)
Boiled Gobble Egg - x1 (kinko collection)
Crafly - x2
Eyru Cap - x1
Gobble Giblets - x8 (kinko collection)
Gobble Hand Drawn Photo - x4 (in collection)
Gobble Pot Pie - x2 (kinko collection)
Gobble Up Stamp - x1 (in collection)
Green Stuffed Gobble Plushie - x6 (kinko collection) (in collection)
Holy Corn - x2 (kinko collection)
Leaf Dress - x1 (in wardrobe)
Lucky Gobble Foot - x3 (kinko collection)
Pilgram Boy Plushie - x1 (kinko collection) (in collection)
Red Stuffed Gobble Plushie - x1 (kinko collection) (in collection)
Run Gobble Run - x1 (kinko collection)
Slice of Caramel Pumpkin Pie - x1 (kinko collection)
Slice of Chocolate Swirl Pumpkin Pie - x4 (kinko collection)
Slice of Pumkpin Cheesecake - x6 (kinko collection)
Sycamore - x4
Turkey Pop Up Book - x1 (kinko collection)
Vegan Tofu Thanksgiving Meal - x1 (kinko collection)
Wishbone Bow - x4
Yellow Stuffed Gobble Plushie - x6 (kinko collection) (in collection)

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------

2016 Maraween Season
- will end October 31, 2016
- Character Trick or Treat, Pumpkin Hunt, the Halloween Snowman, limited edition Account Upgrade items, Elger's Trick or Treat, Beelzebub, Pumpkin of Gold, the Halloween Alien and much more

Pumpkin Hunt 2016
- October 26, 2016 - November 21, 2016
- As you browse and play the site as normal, check out every page for a Pumpkin in a box. When you find it, click it and you may get a prize.
- You may also win a Pastel Costume.
- The 250 different players who collect the most pumpkins will receive 1,500,000MP and a limited edition Terrorantula Trading Card.
- The next 250 will just get a Terrorantula Trading Card.

2016 Pumpkin - x1 (kinko collection)
Black Pumpkin - x1 (kinko collection)
Blue Pumpkin - x1 (kinko collection)
Blueberry Pumpkin Ice Pop - x1 (kinko collection)
Boo Pumpkin - (kinko collection)
Brain Witch Ice Cream - (kinko collection)
Caramel Apple Custard - (kinko collection)
Cherry Pumpkin Ice Pop - (kinko collection)
Classic Pumpkin - x1 (kinko collection)
Colon Overscore Parenthesis Pumpkin - (kinko collection)
Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly - (kinko collection)
Dragon - (in wardrobe)
Eyru Pumpkin - (kinko collection)
Fancy Pumpkin Cupcake - (kinko collection)
Flat Pumpkin - (kinko collection)
Green Pumpkin - x1 (kinko collection)
Grey Pumpkin - (kinko collection)
Halloween Parfait - (kinko collection)
Halloween Striped Tie - x1 (in wardrobe)
Handmade Chocolate Pumpkin - (kinko collection)
Haunted Contact Lenses - x1 (in wardrobe)
Heart Pumpkin - x1 (kinko collection)
Judgemental Pumpkin - x1 (kinko collection)
LOL Pumpkin - (kinko collection)
Limax Pumpkin - x1 (kinko collection)
Lime Pumpkin Ice Pop - x1 (kinko collection)
Marshmallow Pumpkins - (kinko collection)
Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly - x1 (kinko collection)
Mint Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly - x1 (kinko collection)
Not Impressed Pumpkin - x1 (kinko collection)
Orange Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly - (kinko collection)
Orange Pumpkin - (kinko collection)
Phantom Fasoro - (in wardrobe)
Phantom Quell - (in wardrobe)
Pretty Pumpkin - x1 (kinko collection)
Puffy Pumpkin Bread - x1 (kinko collection)
Pumpkin Headphones - (in wardrobe)
Pumpkin Hot Chocolate - x1 (kinko collection)
Pumpkin Ice Pop - (kinko collection)
Pumpkin Loaf - x1 (kinko collection)
Pumpkin Notebook - x1 (kinko collection)
Pumpkin Pie Book - (kinko collection)
Pumpkin Spice Custard - (kinko collection)
Purple Pumpkin - (kinko collection)
Red Pumpkin - (kinko collection)
Scarecrow Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
Short Cape - (in wardrobe)
Short Vampire Cape - (in wardrobe)
Small Face Pumpkin - x1 (kinko collection)
Spider Dress - (in wardrobe)
Spider Skirt - (in wardrobe)
Spider Web Pumpkin Soup - x1 (kinko collection)
Sweet Potato Cinnamon Custard - x1 (kinko collection)
Teal Pumpkin - (kinko collection)
Traumatised Pumpkin - (kinko collection)
White Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly - (kinko collection)
White Pumpkin - (kinko collection)
Yakubi Pumpkin - x1 (kinko collection)
Yellow Pumpkin - x1 (kinko collection)

Character Trick or Treat 2016
- October 25, 2016 - November 15, 2016
- You can visit the profile of any player that is currently online, hit the Trick or Treat button and receive a prize every time.
- You can only Trick or Treat each person once per day and you will receive MP or an item.

Bat Purse - x1 (in wardrobe)
Bikini Top - x1 (in wardrobe)
Black Twozzlers - x1 (kinko collection)
Buttertoe - x1 (kinko collection)
Buttertoe Snax - x1 (kinko collection)
Candycorn Custard - x1 (kinko collection)
Dark Chocolate Kitty Head - (kinko collection)
Devil Sword - x1
Flaming Phoenix - (in wardrobe)
Frankenstein Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
Grim Reaper Hanging Decoration - x1 (kinko collection)
Haunted Book - x1 (kinko collection)
Molasses Custard - x2 (kinko collection)
Nightmare - x1 (in wardrobe)
Old Werewolf Dentures - x1 (kinko collection)
Scale Shorts - x1 (in wardrobe)
Slig - x3
Slig Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
Spooky Kitty Bread - (kinko collection)
Suspenders - (in wardrobe)
Tombstone Stamp - x1 (in collection)
Twox - x1 (kinko collection)
Twozzlers - x1 (kinko collection)
White Chocolate Kitty Head - (kinko collection)
Wiggly Ghost Inflatable - x1 (kinko collection)

Halloween Snowman 2016
- October 24, 2016 - November 7, 2016
- The Snowman has taken Halloween a little too seriously AGAIN this year.
- He is now only asking for Halloween Treats and he is giving out these new prizes.

Apple Snowcone - x1 (kinko collection)
Blackberry Snowcone - x1 (kinko collection)
Bride of Frankenstein Wig - (in wardrobe)
Cola Snowcone - x3 (kinko collection)
Fall Boots - (in wardrobe)
Giant Spider Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
Human Voodoo Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
Long Cape - (in wardrobe)
Long Vampire Cape - (in wardrobe)
Mint Snowcone - x1 (kinko collection)
Orange Snowcone - (kinko collection)
Peach Snowcone - x1 (kinko collection)
Phantom Chibs - (in wardrobe)
Phantom Lati - (in wardrobe)
Spider Juice - (kinko collection)

Elger's Trick or Treat 2016
- October 20, 2016 - November 13, 2016
- Elger has taken the time off from doing quests during this holiday season.
- Instead, you can visit her with your pet dressed up for Halloween to go Trick or Treating for FREE once every 20 minutes - Vampire Pets can visit once every 15 minutes!

Blood Moon Stamp - (in collection)
Blood Witch Ice Cream - (kinko collection)
Bloody Finger Hot Dog - x1 (kinko collection)
Cobweb Cotton Candy - (kinko collection)
Elger Broom - x1 (kinko collection)
Elger Kitty - (in wardrobe)
Elger Kitty Hat - (in wardrobe)
Elger Kitty Tail - (in wardrobe)
Frog Plushie - x1 (kinko collection) (in collection)
Marshmallow Ghosts - (kinko collection)
Skull Plushie - x1 (kinko collection) (in collection)
Snail Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
Spirit Board - x1 (kinko collection)
Spooky Skeleton Songs - (kinko collection)
Vomit Witch Ice Cream - (kinko collection)
Witch Doll - (kinko collection)

Halloween Alien 2016
- October 20, 2016 - November 15, 2016
- The Halloween Alien has new items that he will put up for Auction for only 1MP.
- If you are really lucky, you may catch a very rare or retired Halloween item!

Alien Glowing Egg - (in collection)
Baby Bat Hair Extensions - (in wardrobe)
Bone Scythe - x1
Brain Desk Lamp - x2 (kinko collection)
Crossed Hair Clip - (in wardrobe)
Old Spider Cream Puff - (kinko collection)

Maraween 2016 Prize
- October 19, 2016 - November 12, 2016
- The Pot of Gold has been magically transformed into the Pumpkin of Gold.
- Until November 12th, only Halloween Treats can be donated.
- You can pick up one item from the Pumpkin of Gold every 10 minutes.
- New prizes will be donated randomly throughout the day.

Bad Trick or Treat Loot - x1 (kinko collection)
Eye Bandage - x1 (in wardrobe)
Eyeball Balloon - x1 (kinko collection)
Giant Gummy Rat - x1 (kinko collection)
Possessed Doll - x1 (kinko collection)
Unholy Tie - x1 (in wardrobe)

Beelzebub 2016 Prize
- There are 6 new prizes for 2016 and Beelzebub will also be giving out limited numbers of retired prizes from previous years.

Beelzebub Candycorn - (kinko collection)
Beelzebub Glowing Egg - (in collection)
Beelzebub Summoning Tome - (kinko collection)
Beelzebub Trident - (in collection)
Cerberus Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
Hellhound - (in collection)

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------

2016 Undying Festival
- will end October 24, 2016
- Every 10 challenges you complete, you will find a letter.
- There are 34 letters to find.
- work out the phrase below and you'll get a retired limited edition Daisy pet and 500,000MP
- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ... _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !!!



Autumn Glowing Egg - (in collection)
Daisy Glowing Egg- (in collection)
Daisy Potato - x1 (kinko collection)
Daisy Pinecone Craft - x3 (kinko collection)
Daisy Scarecrow - x2 (kinko collection)
Golden Apple Cider - x3 (kinko collection)
Halloween Daisy Burger - x2 (kinko collection)
Haunted Daisy Plushie - x1 (in collection) (kinko collection)
Haunted Spirit Charm - x2 (kinko collection)
Mango Gelato - x1 (kinko collection)
Pistachio Gelato - x4 (kinko collection)
Silky Cobweb Songs - x1 (kinko collection)
Split Vera Wig - x1 (in wardrobe)
Stracciatella Gelato - x1 (kinko collection)
Strawberry Gelato - (kinko collection)
Tiramisu Gelato - x1 (kinko collection)
Undead Bones - x3 (kinko collection)
Undying Festival 2016 Stamp - x2 (in collection)
Undying Pancakes - x1 (kinko collection)
Vera Wig - x4 (in wardrobe)

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------

Birthday Event
- August 15, 2016 through September 5, 2016
- 2 events Pinatas via player invites & 'Birthday Gift' clicking icon(receives Party Bags)

Pinata Prizes

Armour Potato Chips - (kinko collection)
Azul Pocket Candy Dispenser -x1 (kinko collection)
Banana 12th Birthday Cupcake - x2 (kinko collection)
Banana Present Gummies - x2 (kinko collection)
Blue Raspberry Present Gummies - x2 (kinko collection)
Blueberry 12th Birthday Cupcake - x1 (kinko collection)
Blueberry Eclair - x2 (kinko collection)
Burnt 12th Birthday Cake - x8 (kinko collection)
Captain Hat - x1 (in wardrobe)
Captain Jacket - (in wardrobe)
Cherry Present Gummies - x5 (kinko collection)
Chibs Pocket Candy Dispenser - x3 (kinko collection)
Chocolate 12th Birthday Cake - x1 (kinko collection)
Chocolate 12th Birthday Cupcake - x3 (kinko collection)
Chocolate Eclair - x2 (kinko collection)
Dark Chocolate Sugar Skull - x2 (kinko collection)
Decadal Pocket Candy Dispenser - x2 (kinko collection)
Diet Dirt Marapop - x2 (kinko collection)
Empty Diet Dirt Marapop - x3
Gold Pirate Hook - (in wardrobe)
Homemade Birthday Cake - x5 (kinko collection)
Ike Pocket Candy Dispenser - x4 (kinko collection)
Jessup Pocket Candy Dispenser - x3 (kinko collection)
Kings Hat - (in wardrobe)
Lime Present Gummies - x2 (kinko collection)
Matcha Eclair - x2 (kinko collection)
Milk Chocolate Sugar Skull - x5 (kinko collection)
Mint Chocolate Sugar Skull - x2 (kinko collection)
Newth Pocket Candy Dispenser - x1 (kinko collection)
Octopus Mask - (in wardrobe)
Orange Chocolate Sugar Skull - x1 (kinko collection)
Parrot - (in wardrobe)
Pirate Boots - (in wardrobe)
Pirate Earring - (in wardrobe)
Pirate Flag - (in wardrobe)
Pirate Head Scarf - (in wardrobe)
Pirate Heels - (in wardrobe)
Pirate Jacket - (in wardrobe)
Pirate Leg - x1 (in wardrobe)
Pirate Locket - (in wardrobe)
Pirate Pants - (in wardrobe)
Pirate Ship - (in wardrobe)
Pirate Shirt - (in wardrobe)
Pirate Skirt - (in wardrobe)
Pirate Top - (in wardrobe)
Pirate Wig - (in wardrobe)
Silver Pirate Hook - (in wardrobe)
Skull Smoke - (in wardrobe)
Strawberry 12th Birthday Cake -1 (kinko collection)
Strawberry 12th Birthday Cupcake - x2 (kinko collection)
Strawberry Eclair - x2 (kinko collection)
Treasure Hunt - (in wardrobe)
Vanilla 12th Birthday Cake - x2 (kinko collection)
Vanilla 12th Birthday Cupcake - x4 (kinko collection)
Vanilla Eclair - x1 (kinko collection)
White Chocolate 12th Birthday Cupcake - x2 (kinko collection)
White Chocolate Sugar Skull - x3 (kinko collection)
Zoink Pocket Candy Dispenser - x3 (kinko collection)

Party Bag Prizes

12th Birthday Cake
Anime Potato Chips - (kinko collection)
Blue Clacker - x1 (kinko collection)
Blue Hand Clapper - x1 (kinko collection)
Blue Party Bag
Blue Party Doh - x1 (kinko collection)
Blue Spinning Toy - x1 (kinko collection)
Blue Sticky Hand - x1 (kinko collection)
Blue Toy Watergun - x2 (kinko collection)
Bone Potato Chips - (kinko collection)
Chocolate Cream Donut - (kinko collection)
Chocolate Potato Chips
Green Clacker - x1 (kinko collection)
Green Hand Clapper - x2 (kinko collection)
Green Party Bag
Green Party Doh - x1 (kinko collection)
Green Sticky Hand - x1 (kinko collection)
Green Toy Watergun - x1 (kinko collection)
Lemon Cream Donut - x2 (kinko collection)
Matcha Cream Donut - (kinko collection)
Ombre Stella Wig
Orange Party Bag
Party Bubbles - x1 (kinko collection)
Party Hat Keychain - x1 (kinko collection)
Party Sticker Sheet - x1 (kinko collection)
Pink Party Bag
Purple Party Bag
Red Clacker - x1 (kinko collection)
Red Hand Clapper - x1 (kinko collection)
Red Party Bag
Red Party Doh - (kinko collection)
Red Spinning Toy - (kinko collection)
Red Sticky Hand - x2 (kinko collection)
Stella Wig - (in wardrobe)
Strawberry Cream Donut - (kinko collection)
Yellow Clacker - x1 (kinko collection)
Yellow Hand Clapper - x2 (kinko collection)
Yellow Party Bag
Yellow Party Doh - x1 (kinko collection)
Yellow Toy Watergun - x1 (kinko collection)

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------

Summer Event
- starts June 1, 2016
- collect Scout Badges
- complete 20 challenges a day to earn badges
- randomly chosen by scout leader


Anlur - x1
Apple Jam Toast - x1 (in kinko collection)
Apricot Jam Toast - x1 (in kinko collection)
Bag Of Scout Popcorn - x1
Bear Scout Plushie - (in kinko collection) (in collection)
Beehive - x1 (in kinko collection)
Bigfoot Conditioner - x1 (in kinko collection)
Bigfoot Hairbrush - x2 (in kinko collection)
Bigfoot Plushie - (in kinko collection) (in collection)
Bigfoot Trading Card
Black Marapop - x3 (in kinko collection)
Blackberry Jam Toast - x4 (in kinko collection)
Blue Marapop - x1 (in kinko collection)
Blueberry Jam Toast - x4 (in kinko collection)
Box Of Scout Cookies - x1 (in kinko collection)
Bug Guide Book - (in kinko collection)
Burnt Marshmallow - x1 (in kinko collection)
Buttered Toast - x1 (in kinko collection)
Campfire Songs - x1 (in kinko collection)
Creative Critter Snacks - (in kinko collection)
Diet Black Marapop - x1 (in kinko collection)
Diet Blue Marapop - x2 (in kinko collection)
Diet Green Marapop - x3 (in kinko collection)
Diet Purple Marapop - x1 (in kinko collection)
Diet Red Marapop - x1 (in kinko collection)
Diet Teal Marapop - x1 (in kinko collection)
Diet White Marapop - x1 (in kinko collection)
Diet Yellow Marapop - x2 (in kinko collection)
Forest Antlers - (in wardrobe)
Forest Book - (in kinko collection)
Fried Egg Toast - x7 (in kinko collection)
Grape Jam Toast - x1 (in kinko collection)
Green Marapop - x1
Grilled Fish on a Stick - (in kinko collection)
Koob Summoning Stone
Matcha Toast - x1 (in kinko collection)
Milk Toast - x3 (in kinko collection)
Minifoot -x1
Mud Ice Cream Treat - x1 (in kinko collection)
Nature Documentary - x1 (in kinko collection)
Nest Hat
Noot Summoning Stone - (in wardrobe)
Old Bigfoot Photo - (in collection)
Purple Marapop - x2 (in kinko collection)
Red Marapop - x3 (in kinko collection)
Roasted Marshmallow - (in kinko collection)
Scout Badge Stamp
Scouts Equipment - x2 (in kinko collection)
Scout Uniform Dress - (in wardrobe)
Scout Uniform Hat - (in wardrobe)
Scout Uniform Shirt - (in wardrobe)
Scout Uniform Shorts
Scouts Honey - (in kinko collection)
Scouts Maple Syrup
Smore - x2 (in kinko collection)
Spooky Campfire Stories - (in kinko collection)
Strawberry Jam Toast - x1 (in kinko collection)
Strawberry Milk Toast - x1 (in kinko collection)
Teal Marapop - x1 (in kinko collection)
Team Acorn Hat - (in wardrobe)
Team Maple Leaf Hat - (in wardrobe)
Tent Stamp
Watermelon Popsicle - (in kinko collection)
White Marapop - x3 (in kinko collection)
Wild Flowers - x2 (in kinko collection)
Yellow Marapop - x2 (in kinko collection)

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------

St Patrick's Day Event
- starts 3/17/2016 and ends on 3/25/2016
- When you complete an Leprechaun, you receive a prize from him.
- he will tell you how many minutes you should wait before you will win another bonus prize from him

Button Up Clover Cardigan - (in collection)
Clover Handkerchief Pants - (in collection)
Clover Skirt - (in collection)
Clover Wig - (in collection)
Flat Cap - (in collection)
Frilly Kilt - x1 (in collection)
Frilly Tutu - (in collection)
Green Breakfast - x1 (kinko collection)
Green Puff Socks - x1 (in collection)
I Heart Clover Shades - (in collection)
Leprechaun Jessup Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
Leprechaun Knutt Plushie - x1 (kinko collection) (in collection)
Long Shoulder Slumped Shirt - (in collection)
Lucky Clover Sequin Vest - (in collection)
Lucky Clover Vest - (in collection)
Lucky Irish Contact Lenses - (in collection)
Party Shades - (in collection)
Plaid Flat Cap - (in collection)
Plastic Shamrock Beads
Rainbow Shamrock Hair Gel - (in collection)
Sequin Shamrock Bowtie - (in collection)
Sequin Shamrock Hair Bow - x1 (in collection)
Shamrock Beads - (in collection)
Shamrock Bopper - (in collection)
Shamrock Bowtie - x1 (in collection)
Shamrock Button Up Shirt - (in collection)
Shamrock Cardigan - x1 (in collection)
Shamrock Hair Bow - (in collection)
Shamrock Hair Gel - (in collection)
Shamrock Hairbrush - (in collection)
Shamrock Pants - (in collection)
Shamrock Pumps - x1 (in collection)
Shamrock Shirt - x1 (in collection)
Shamrock Skirt - x1 (in collection)
Shamrock Socks - x2 (in collection)
Shamrock Striped Tights - x2 (in collection)
Shamrock Tights - (in collection)
Shamrock Tuxedo - (in collection)
Shiny Bob Wig - (in collection)
Short Kilt - x3 (in collection)
Short Plaid Kilt - (in collection)
Shoulder Slumped Shirt - (in collection)
Unlucky Irish Contact Lenses - (in collection)

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------

Carrotastrophe Event 2016
- starts 3/8/2016 and ends on 3/23/2016
- can randomly win an item when a quest, mission, gym elite gym or flash game is completed

Black Double Layer Ruffle Undies - (in collection)
Black Lacy Dress - (in collection)
Black Ruffle Nightgown - (in collection)
Black Ruffle Top - (in collection)
Black Ruffle Trim Dress - (in collection)
Black Ruffle Trim Sheer Dress - (in collection)
Black Ruffle Undies - (in collection)
Black Split Bra - (in collection)
Clumsy Royal Fairy Doll - x3 (kinko collection)
Crumpled Newspaper - (kinko collection)
Dirty Magazine - x2 (kinko collection)
Drowsy Moonlight Fairy Doll - x1 (kinko collection)
Furious Light Fairy Doll - x5 (kinko collection)
Impatient Greedy Fairy Doll - x1 (kinko collection)
Kitty Bra - (in collection)
Kitty Undies - (in collection)
Lace Up Corset - (in collection)
My Immortal Love Book - x2 (kinko collection)
Old XXXO Magazine - (kinko collection)
Shining Peasant Fairy Doll - x1 (kinko collection)
Sleepy Daylight Fairy Doll - x3 (kinko collection)
Smashed CD - x1 (kinko collection)
Smelly Sock - x1 (kinko collection)
Spoiled Banana - x1 (kinko collection)
Spoiled Carrot - x2 (kinko collection)
Spoiled Milk - (kinko collection)
Spoiled Orange - x1 (kinko collection)
Spoiled Sausage - x1 (kinkocollection)
Spoiled Turnip - (kinko collection)
Sulky Wardrobe Fairy Doll - x2 (kinko collection)
Sweltering Ice Fairy Doll - x3 (kinko collection)
Trash Bag - x2 (kinko collection)
Vintage Equilor Plushie - x1 (kinko collection) (in collection)
Vintage Jessup Plushie - x1 (kinko collection) (in collection)
Vintage Gobble Plushie - x2 (kinko collection) (in collection)
Vintage Zoink Plushie - x1 (kinko collection) (in collection)
White Double Layer Ruffle Undies - (in collection)
White Lacy Dress - (in collection)
White Ruffle Nightgown - x1 (in collection)
White Ruffle Top - x1 (in collection)
White Ruffle Trim Dress - (in collection)
White Ruffle Trim Sheer Dress - (in collection)
White Ruffle Undies - (in collection)
White Split Bra - (in collection)

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- starts 2/12/2016 ands ends on 2/28/2016
- cliclk on heart pop up boxes to earn prizes or MP
- top 250 list of winners, you will also win 1,000,000MP and a Bunnysaurus Trading Card

Best Friends Limax Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
Bloody Black Rose - (fed kinko)
Bloody Pink Rose - (fed kinko)
Bloody Red Rose - (fed kinko)
Bloody White Rose - x2 (fed kinko)
Bloody Yellow Rose - (fed kinko)
Blue Heart Cookies - (fed kinko)
Chocolate Heart Cookies - (fed kinko)
Chocolate Love Brownie - (fed kinko)
Chocolate Love Cupcake - (fed kinko)
Cookie Heart - x1 (fed kinko)
Devils Food Cake - (fed kinko)
Friends Snookle Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
I Heart You Limax Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
I Heart You Snookle Plushie - x1 (kinko collection) (in collection)
I Wuv You Limax Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
Love Letter Cookie - x1 (fed kinko)
Pink Heart Poera Plushie (kinko collection) (in collection)
Pink Heart Raulf Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
Purple Heart Cookies - (fed kinko)
Q T Pie Fasoro Plushie (kinko collection) (in collection)
Raspberry Love Brownie - (fed kinko)
Red Heart Poera Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
Red Heart Raulf Plushie - x1 (kinko collection) (in collection)
Snixie Pillow Plushie - x1 (kinko collection) (in collection)
Strawberry Love Brownie - (fed kinko)
True Love Fasoro Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
Ur Ok I Guess Limax Plushie - x1 (kinko collection) (in collection)
Valentine Digital Fairy Doll - x1 (kinko collection)
Valentine Emo Limax Plushie - x2 (kinko collection) (in collection)
Valentine Heart Cookies - (fed kinko)
Valentine Light Fairy Doll - x1 (kinko collection)
Vanilla Love Brownie - (fed kinko)
Vanilla Love Cupcake - (fed kinko)
Valentine Peasant and Homeless Fairy Doll - x2 (kinko collection)
White Heart Poera Plushie - x1 (kinko collection) (in collection)
White Heart Raulf Plushie - x1 (kinko collection) (in collection)
Yellow Heart Cookies - x1 (fed kinko)
You Are Delightful Limax Plushie - (kinko collection) (in collection)
You Are Wonderful Fasoro Plushie - x2 (kinko collection) (in collection)
You Are Wonderful Snookle Plushie - x1 (kinko collection) (in collection)

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