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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
Trades: I'm open and willing to accept offers including any currency, items, etc.... just make your offers on the trade. I don't really care for maramailing and maratalk offers.
I don't really care for maratalk in general.
Pet Trades: Really mostly interested in stats currently. Names don't really matter. (Unless you have some kpop name I want lol.) I'm mostly naming my pets after my kpop idols. But I want stats and will likely rename the pets myself eventually if I choose to keep them.

Staff: PolandoJones is my spouse, we may use same devices
Player for 6 months, 5 days & 14 hrsJoined 6th Oct 2020 17:06
I just started a new job and am working three jobs now, so if I don't respond right away, I may be busy with real life and not active at that time. I have been going online at least at sometime every day though
Player for 6 months, 5 days & 14 hrs Joined 6th Oct 2020 17:06

Dlynn has collected 26 of 77 Giftboxes

Capsule Machine
Double Crystals
Double Diamonds
Double Hieroglyphics
Double Scholarships
Double Worms
Extra Pet (40)
Foxfire Pond
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Missing Learnable
Missing Photo
Missing Plushies
Multiple Pet Olympics
Photo Parlour
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Shop Pricer
Simerian Statue
Transmogrification Repeat
Transmogrification Temple