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🐾Artwork by (c)TheWolfGirl90🐾
🐾Welcome To My Profile🐾 3f1079ee076d4d373578c0a0e4f83bed-d39ezj2.png
Above Art Was Drawn By Me If You Want Art From Me, Please MM/MT Me


I am Anaiyu (my RL name is Lyndsey which you can use if you wish ;) ) most people call me either Ana, or Wolfie and I'm a 31 year old adult player here on Mara. I am a college student, pursuing a degree in psychology who also happens to work in a church nursery and afterschool care with children spanning ages about 3 months to 12 years. I have 2 cats and an amazing boyfriend that I been with for 10 years now. I love to paint rocks, draw, swim, play video games, read interesting books, play arcade games, watch movies,and do yard work oddly enough lol. I'm obsessed with Deadpool and llamas, and I'm also a huge Star Wars, Zootopia, Nightmare Before Christmas, Stranger Things, Halloween, Ravens, and Anime fan. I also have a newfound obsession with collecting Disney Pins. I also collect POP Figures, Stickers(which I picked up again after so many years) and Playing Cards. I'm an all-around nerd/dork so if you wanna be friends, please add me :) I'm always looking for new people to share my geekiness with

^Art By ClumsyMarionette^

Player for 13 years, 7 months & 29 daysJoined 4th Oct 2006 22:42
Player for 13 years, 7 months & 29 days Joined 4th Oct 2006 22:42

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