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I am growing my Oglue army, they are just to cute. I play from my phone and computer








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  • Lending some pets

    Posted on : 19th May 2019 13:21   Posted by : Cosplay
    chevral the Chibi Chibs. has eaten 1,360 gourmets, learnt 42 instruments, and has read 112 books. Lending fee is 1,360,960mp

    Gosmos the Moonlight Vixen. Lending fee is 202,760mp

    Vladame the Bug Vlad. Lending fee is 200,720mp

    Kazuhiko the Moonlight Straya. Lending fee is 182,160mp

    Intuitive the Gothic Figaro. Lending fee is 175,400mp

    Kahmar the Zombie Oglue. Lending fee is 153,920mp

    Panelle the Baby Nino. Lending fee is 128,920mp

    Quelicious the Halloween Quell. Lending fee is 103,360mp

    I will only lend my pets, don\'t ask me to trade with you. I love my pets to much that I don\'t want to potentially loose them.

    Mail me or post here if you would like to borrow any of my pets.

    signatures so I don't loose them

    Posted on : 29th Apr 2019 15:06   Posted by : Cosplay


    Cosplay's cosplay round 2

    Posted on : 29th Apr 2019 14:50   Posted by : Cosplay
    and more Cosplay I have been working on

    Fleur Delacour from harry potter

    giorno giovanna from Jojo's bizarre adventure

    Ayoto Yuri from Yarichin Club

    Puck from Gargoyles

    a mix of Glinda from the Wizard of OZ and Wicked

    a mix of knotgrass from maleficent and Flora from Sleeping Beauty

    Nancy from the craft

    Cosplay's Cosplay

    Posted on : 20th Apr 2019 18:08   Posted by : Cosplay
    cause I can\'t be called Cosplay if I don\'t have any

    Tobio Kageyama from Haikyuu

    Dorcas from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    Neko from KK

    Kashuu Kiyomitsu from Touken Ranbu

    princess jasmine

    Firo Prochainezo from Baccano

    Elizabeth from Black Butler


    Pet goals

    Posted on : 19th Apr 2019 19:24   Posted by : Cosplay
    I obviously dont expect to own all the pets listed below but this more of a guideline of what pets I can make when the time comes.

    Splatter Arinya
    Anime Arinya

    Anime Chibs
    Neon Chibs
    Water Chibs
    Splatter Chibs
    Party Chibs
    Genie Chibs

    Burnt Dakota

    Water Decadal

    Baby Eyru
    Candle Eyru
    Vampire Eyru

    Anime Ike

    Burnt Justin

    Anime Kujo
    Bootleg Kujo
    Doll Kujo
    Plushie Kujo

    Baby Lati
    Fat Lati

    Candle Limax
    Fat Limax
    Icecream Limax
    Sleepy Limax

    Party Lorius
    Vampire Lorius

    IceCream Mordo
    Robot Mordo

    Anime Nino
    Gothic Nino
    Vampire Nino

    Island Oglue

    Baby Quell
    Fat Quell
    Icecream Quell
    Sleepy Quell

    Chibi Raulf
    Water Raulf

    Water Rusty

    Water Tasi

    Anime Vixen
    Candle Vixen

    Anime Willa

    Icecream Zola
    Fairy Zola

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    Full House
    in 11 minutes
    228,979MP Prize

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