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Hi - my name is Amy. I'm an adult here in Marapets...yes we play here too! :)

My Mara-hobby is taking unwanted ordinary pets from the pound, and taking them to the Operations Portal and Whirlpool until they are a desirable color, then releasing the pets back into the pound so that someone can have opportunity to own a cool colored pet.

Please don't beg me for items or ask for donations.

If you have any maraquestions, I am more than willing to help you out...just maramail me.

Yes - my character is often dressed crazily, as Drew is a crazy dresser.
Preta the Stone Huthiq
1 month, 12 days and 15 hours OldBorn 2nd Nov 2019 16:04

1 Month 1 Day Old
1 Month 0 Days Old
Orange Snoodi
16 Days Old
Yellow Eylian
1 Month 2 Days Old
Purple Pugwash
28 Days Old
Orange Frex
1 Month 11 Days Old
10 Days Old
White Shea
1 Month 5 Days Old
1 Month 10 Days Old
Red Flicker
1 Month 12 Days Old
Red Flow
1 Month 12 Days Old
Green Flow
1 Month 11 Days Old