"And I don't like the sound
Of our feet on the ground
Unless we're running to the edge of something new for you and me

And I just wanna fall again
And I just wanna learn to fly
So I can love you like I never did

And I just wanna skydive
Right into your life
Seeing the whole world by your side"

--O-Town - Skydive--
Skydive the Midnight Xoi
2 years & 9 days OldBorn 28th Nov 2017 12:17

Level 1 Clown earning MP325MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP375MP a day
Strength 10  Speed 5  Health 2  Charisma 20  Art 2  Music 2  Sports 10  CDs 2  DVDs 2  Instruments 20  Magic 10 

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