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Marapets is mobile friendly
I may look like I am logged on, which I never log off, so if you are trying to reach me, I might not be there! Have Fun! sorry but no NONE of my pets are for trade, i worked hard for them and getting more. i started Marapets sept 15,2008 and im hooked.

I am an Adult Male player an very much enjoy playing! I enjoy helping new players out by giving gifts which they may use or sell but it helps them to get started, but do not ask or beg, you will not get a thing!! This is a Wonderful site that I have made many Friends. In many Countries, I am from the Midwest, in the United States!
GG_Timothy the Frostfire Gonk
5 years, 8 months & 21 days OldBorn 15th Jul 2014 12:53

10 Months 16 Days Old
5 Years 8 Months Old
5 Years 8 Months Old
5 Years 8 Months Old
5 Years 7 Months Old
5 Years 7 Months Old
5 Years 8 Months Old
Yellow Dracone
10 Months 0 Days Old
3 Months 12 Days Old
Blue Chubley
2 Months 4 Days Old
Level 6 Police Officer earning MP500MP a day

Plushie Club
Rofling Gold Sword
Shoot the Fatty Gun
Light Fairy Magic Staff
Present Bomb