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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
3rd August 2020
6 hrs & 49 mins ago
With our 16th Birthday party in less than two weeks, these Old Pets (the Bolimo, Crikey, Lorius, Poera and Troit) are heading off for a long nap to make sure they don't miss any of the MaraPets sweet sixteen party. The Old Costume is currently part of the most recent Account Upgrades set.

All Old pets will receive FREE TRAINING at the Gym and Elite Gym and FREE LESSONS at the School and University until August 16th.

2nd August 2020
22 hrs & 30 mins ago
For a limited time only, the retired Harmony Treasure Chest from 2014 is back on sale at the Account Upgrades Shop.
It will automatically retire again August 10th.

Mine Marada, the game featuring Marada's favourite Yeti family, has new High Score Rewards to be won. Prizes include Yeti Plushies, a Halo for your Wardrobe and Oil items, which are car parts that the Garage quest can ask for. There are also two Mining Tools to be won (the Straw and Yeti Megadrill) giving you extra chances to earn digging time inside the new Mining feature.
31st July 2020
3 days, 7 hrs & 37 mins ago
A new and improved Mining feature is back in Foxfire Forest. You can now use any Mining Tools from your Inventory. Using them will make the item disappear and you will earn Seconds to spend mining in one of six different mines!

Each Mining Tool item you use will earn you a random amount of seconds for a random mine. The rarer the tool, the greater the chance of a rarer mine! All six mines are full of Minerals needed for the Beast in the Woods mission so this feature will actually make it easier to get these items than before.

Each mine has different items for you to dig. You will get to keep any items you pick up before the timer runs out. Collect all items from a mine and the prizes inside the mine will change. If you earn time to dig in the rarer mines you can win prizes like Newspapers, Magazines, Poop, Keys, Fake Dukka Coins, Dukka Coins, Bones, Worms, Beans, Magic Beans and new Elements for your wardrobe!
The rarest mine you can dig in is the Gold Mine. A new 'Gold Mine' game will be released in the future and this game will give you another way to earn 'seconds' to dig inside this mine.

29th July 2020
4 days, 22 hrs & 16 mins ago
The Arcade Fairy originally rewarded players only for the number of times they played our now discontinued Flash Games. As each year passed, these games were becoming more outdated and unplayable for a growing percentage of the site and before we had made a final decision about replacing these flash games with our new HTML5 Games, we rushed out changes on 31st March 2019 to the way games are counted. The Arcade Fairy started to count all plays of our Free Games and Pay to Play Games but then didn't count our new HTML5 Games released this year, as this counter was to be used for a future Gamer Fairy.

To try and make things slightly less confusing, we have changed the Arcade Fairy to count plays of (almost) all games on the site. This means that every player's counter should have increased today as we added all plays you have made this year of our new HTML5 Games. This is counted per play and not based on Score Points, which is an additional currency earned from playing these games.

There is a separate count for our newer HTML5 games that may still be used for a future Gamer Fairy but not until we find a better way to organise all of the different types of games we have - it's getting very confusing!!

The Arcade Fairy now has new prizes to be won for up to 35,000 plays of all of our different games.

The Games Shop, where you can spend the Score Points currency you also win from playing all of our different games, now has these new items on sale.Remember, having the Arcade Giftbox in your collection means that you earn double score points each game you play.
28th July 2020
6 days, 1 hr & 46 mins ago
Sixten Years of MaraPets has taken its toll on these pets! The Crindol, Fasoro, Flab, Straya and Yuni can now wear the Old Costume from the current Account Upgrades set.

25th July 2020
8 days, 21 hrs & 8 mins ago
We will be turning 16 Years Old in three weeks time - MaraPets is getting old! Be sure not to miss this year's Birthday Event...

The Azul, Oglue, Reese, Rofling and Sybri can now wear the Old Costume from the current Account Upgrades set.

23rd July 2020
11 days, 3 hrs & 59 mins ago
Heatwaves bring thousands of extra visitors to Minipet Island and most of these visits involve some kind of Fishing. Only greedy Crikeys dare fish this far from land. With just her rubber ring (and without a fishing licence) help Coraline catch these sharks in our newest game, Word Shark.

As each wave of sharks swim towards Coraline, you must type each letter of each word above a shark to catch it. If a shark reaches you before you can type each word, you will lose a life. The game ends when you have run out of lives.

Earn 4MP per point. Earn up to the maximum of MP2,000MP each play. Word Shark can be played up to 3 times per day.

A new Old Account Upgrade Set has been released, with 7 new old, vinatage themed items, a retired Old Costume and either an Old Enchanted Plushie or Old Potion. This set is on sale until August 16th.

You can choose if you would like the main prize to be an Enchanted Old Plushie or Potion. There is 1 in 3 chance you will receive a limited edition Ercuw instead of Addow, Equilor, Knutt, Leido, Osafo, Tantua and Xoi.

16th July 2020
18 days, 6 hrs & 40 mins ago
What better way is there to spend this heatwave than relaxing on Minipet Island? The Azul, Astro, Kronk, Huthiq, Gizmo, Dakota and Kujo can now wear the Island Costume that you can win from the Hospice mission.

Remember, all pets wearing this costume will receive FREE TRAINING at the Gym and Elite Gym and FREE LESSONS at the School and University during this heatwave.

13th July 2020
21 days & 24 mins ago
Introducing the new and improved... MaraTalk

The news has been pretty quiet for the last couple of weeks as we were busy working on the new and improved MaraTalk. There was a rare moment while the June event was running that we had some spare time to focus on the new MaraTalk. Expecting to get a huge project like this done in a couple of weeks was a stretch and our unplanned, emergency maintenance July 1st delayed us even further.

The maintenance was a huge success (completed 8 hours earlier than estimated) and enough of MaraTalk is complete for us to officially release it now, allowing us to return to normal news and release the event winners later this week.
Please remember that this is an ongoing project that will have lots of updates, changes and improvements over the coming weeks, months and years and that this news is just to keep you updated with the progress so far. Any glitches or errors you find, please report in the Help Forum and suggestions/ideas to the Editorial.

MaraTalk is our instant messenger and was first started in 2005. We were ahead of our times in many ways, giving players many different ways to communicate. Those who like to chat in a slower, simpler way have MaraMail, Forums, Club Chat and those who prefer fast, shorter instant chat have had MaraTalk. The new MaraTalk is an upgrade to the way that these chats happen - they are not a replacement of the old way! This is an ongoing project and we have many, many exciting changes and additions to come but now is the time to announce some of the changes made so far...

The new MaraTalk has many new features but the main improvement is that Group Chat works again (it was closed for several years) and it is all 100% mobile friendly, fast, light on data and works on all devices. As MaraTalk really is only useful for those who like 'instant chat' we have made it faster, easier to switch between MaraTalk, Adult Chat, Group Chats, Private one to one chat and your Club Chat. They all use the same system and you receive real time alerts, sounds and notifications while you chat. You can open this full screen or in a new window - as its fully responsive, you can resize the window to the size and shape that works best for you.

New Features
• New Addow and Bolimo themed Emojis and the full emoji dictionary (with every single skin tone)
GIFs can be added to chat in one click, showing the current GIFs trending worldwide
• You can easily search to internet to find the GIF you are looking for
• The browser tab/window will flash New Message Alerts or make a sound when you receive a new message. You can control this setting for each chat
• A new organised Inbox keeps track of your conversations. You can hide these from your inbox and they will still show in your Talk History
• You can see who is currently online and inside each chat. Any messages you post will have 2 ticks and when these both turn yellow your message has been Seen. In a chat with more than one person, you can click this to see who saw your message and when!
• Each chat is much more "instant" showing you who is currently Typing a message and the time since a message was posted updates in real time
• You can create different Group Chat and add any players (who allow you to contact them via MaraTalk) to join your own private chat room
• You can @ Tag players with any of their usernames in each chat. Doing so in a Group Chat automatically adds them to the group
Youtube video links (and a few other major video hosting sites) can now be shared in the new MaraTalk. The issue before was the unmoderated comments sections but videos you share now are processed here and you can watch the video direct from MaraTalk. You can even drag the video around the screen to the position you want it to be while you chat!
• BBCodes still work but you can also now easily share links. MaraPets approved safe links will automatically become links. All others can be clicked but this can take a few seconds to process, while it creates a screenshot preview of the site before you visit
Mara.Pics is linked with each chat. More information about this is written below...

Our free image upload service Mara.Pics is also linked with each chat. Simply press the Mara.Pics icon (the paperclip) and you'll be able to browse each of your folders and images. Simply press 'Share' and it will be added to any conversation. The upload icon also redirects you to Mara.Pics, automatically logging you in, to allow you to upload images with ease.

We have also integrated the site Alerts into the new MaraTalk system. This new system is not a replacement, its in addition to the current Alerts system. The new system means you will not miss any site alerts while you are chatting. All alerts are grouped together by type and each can be viewed in order like a MaraTalk conversation. The benefit of this is that you can Mute Specific Alerts - this is especially useful for those with lots of pets being inundated with Fairy Rewards!!

There are also new alerts that appear inside of MaraTalk conversations. Club Chat will tell you when a new player joins the club, leaves the club and close to 500 more messages in the club. MaraTalk will tell everyone when a Random Event prize is won inside that chat and when a player is about to hit another 1,000 message count goal.

And finally, the way that Feeds work has been improved. As Feeds are designed to be instant like MaraTalk, they have been integrated into this new system and follow a similar design. Feeds will update automatically in real time whenever you have this feature opened. It can be opened in full screen, a new tab or resized to suit your needs. There will be lots of new features and improvements coming to feeds in the future too!
23rd June 2020
1 month, 10 days & 5 hrs ago
King Baspinar has hired even more of Marada's top scientists to find out what Queen Eleka is doing. The Addow, Astro, Azul, Doyle, Equilor, Feliz, Flab, Gizmo, Grint, Huthiq and Ike can now wear the Mad Scientist Costume.

Remember, all pets wearing this costume will receive FREE TRAINING at the Gym and Elite Gym and FREE LESSONS at the School and University until July 1st.

21st June 2020
1 month, 11 days & 23 hrs ago
All Wizard and Mad Scientist pets will receive FREE TRAINING at the Gym and Elite Gym and FREE LESSONS at the School and University until July 1st.

A new Wizard Account Upgrade Set has been released, with 7 new Wizard themed items, a retired Wizard Costume and either an Wizard Enchanted Plushie or Wizard Potion. This set is on sale until August 31st. You can choose if you would like the main prize to be an Enchanted Wizard Plushie or Potion. There is 1 in 3 chance you will receive a limited edition Sindi instead of Addow, Equilor, Murfin, Newth, Osafo and Tantua.

Can you find these new Hidden Avatars?

11th June 2020
1 month, 22 days & 6 hrs ago
One of our oldest missions, Ublish's Lair has been updated. We have also started to revamp the stars that his mission can ask for.

10th June 2020
1 month, 22 days & 19 hrs ago
The Figaro, Kaala, Paffuto, Quell, Reese, Speiro and Yakubi can now wear the Recycled Costume.

9th June 2020
1 month, 23 days & 18 hrs ago
Can you find the new 'Water Me' Hidden Avatar?

The Organic Minipets that can be grown at the Gardening feature in Gigantic Paradise have been updated.
8th June 2020
1 month, 24 days & 19 hrs ago
The shopkeeper of the Illegal Concoctions Shop on the planet of Enpiah has been updated.
There are new bonus prizes you can win randomly while playing Kamilah Codes.

The Kamilah Code item artwork has been updated to match the new design we used for the game.

There are new rewards that you can win from the Kamilah Codes game. Every time you send a score that is high enough, you will win one of these new item prizes. Just like the other High Score Rewards, you will only win one prize each time you send a score high enough. These prizes are additional to any MP, Score Points or Bonus Prizes you may also win. You can click the 'High Score Rewards' link on any game to see which score you need for each prize. Prizes include a new Kamilah Code 00, asked for at the Kamilah Pyramid, which can only be won from this game.

5th June 2020
1 month, 27 days & 19 hrs ago
The shopkeeper of the Footwear Shop in Puchalla Village has been updated.
The Capsule Machine has been refilled with new items. The previous items have now been retired.
4th June 2020
1 month, 29 days & 6 hrs ago
The Laboratory in Enpiah, where DNA is used to illegal clone pets, has been updated with new artwork. To celebrate Dr Yekyll's new look, every operation between now and midnight June 6th is guaranteed to change one pet into a Mutant pet.

The Mining Tools shop has 70 new items. These extra items should, with time, ensure that this shop has more items in stock and this will help with the exciting new changes coming to the Mining feature.

3rd June 2020
2 months & 6 hrs ago
The Cup Shuffle game in Vortex Park has been relaunched as the Swindler

The Lazy Fairy is very deceitful and has earned the notorious name of the Swindler. She will hide a random prize under one of her bins and then shuffle it. Follow the prize as she shuffles and each time you guess correctly, you will move to the next level. Guess incorrectly and you will lose the game.

Keep guessing correctly until she gets bored and she will let you keep the prize. But remember, she is very deceitful... you may find that she cheats and you walk away with nothing...
You can still play for FREE once every hour but the game now requires both luck and skill. There are four types of game you could play, each with a different coloured bin:
The Orange Bin will select a prize from the Swindler's Prize List.
The Green Bin will select any random, non-retired item currently on MaraPets - including a Capsule Machine Token!
The Red Bin will have an MP bag prize - you will find out how much is inside if you win.
The Blue Bin will select an item you can Recycle, including Newspapers and Magazines.
2nd June 2020
2 months, 1 day & 2 hrs ago
The Computer Repair quests have been updated.

There are new bonus prizes you can win randomly while playing Rune Rescue.

31st May 2020
2 months, 2 days & 16 hrs ago

A new Wizard Treasure Chest is on sale at the Account Upgrades Shop. It will automatically retire July 31st. You can open this item to receive 8 different, random new items, including new clothes, wigs, footwear, minipet, gourmet food, scenery and accessories. You will not receive duplicate items inside a single treasure chest.

Can you find these new Hidden Avatars?

29th May 2020
2 months & 5 days ago
There is less than 72 hours to go until Queen Eleka opens her secret Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry
You will magically be sorted to join either Hocus Pucus, Spellcasting Snookles, Enchanting Ercuws or Levitating Latis

Which team will you be? With four teams this year, there will be different prizes for the teams that come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

28th May 2020
2 months, 6 days & 7 hrs ago

Queen Eleka, the self-proclaimed leader of all that is dark and evil in Marada, is finally opening her secret Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry to the public. With so many Apprentice Wizards in Marada, now is the time to for wand practice. As the ghosts approach, draw the symbols above each of them to attack. Earn 3MP per 2 Points. Earn up to the maximum of MP2,000MP each play.

You can play Apprentice Wizard up to 3 times per day for FREE. Game resets at 00:00MST.

27th May 2020
2 months, 7 days & 2 hrs ago
Queen Eleka has revealed the first phase of her new secret plan and you are all invited to join her Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry from June 1st...

25th May 2020
2 months, 9 days & 1 hr ago
With Queen Eleka's evil plan now public, King Baspinar is taking no chances. He has Marada's best scientists secretly preparing for war in this old abandoned soda factory. Our third level based Game has been released.

Wacky Workshop has been added to Enpiah and has 60 levels for you to complete. Connect the pipes of this workshop to fill the bottle with his secret brew. Do this in the fewest moves to earn extra stars. You must earn three stars to complete a level.

Wacky Workshop (just like Pearl Hurl and Pumpkin Patch) has 60 Level Reward Prizes. These are one time prize rewards you will win as a bonus prize for each level. You only receive these once, as you can only complete each level once. You can play Wacky Workshop up to 4 times per day for FREE. Earn 1MP per 3 points. Earn up to the maximum of MP2,000MP each play - if you complete a level with MP for its Level reward, you will receive the bonus MP too! Play and complete a level for the first time and you must send score to unlock the next level. Game resets at 00:00MST.

The main item prizes for this game are 3 retired items, Cola Potato, Can Trading Card and Soda Stamp from the 2006 Mega Marapoptastic Extraveganza Event and a Capsule Machine Token.

Another great prize for this game is the chance to skip any level of the Ublish's Lair Mission.
There are 15 levels that you will earn this reward, they stack and will be saved to your account to use at Ublish's Lair whenever you need to.
Whenever you start a Ublish's Lair mission, you can use one of these to pass the level without bringing the items that Ublish has asked for. You will move to the next level of the mission but you will forfeit any MP or item reward that mission level was to reward you but still gain any Hidden Avatar and pass any Goal related to that mission.