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waterlogged Is it possible to put the actual Marapets date on the clock in undying woods?

Sure - this has been added.
7th Sep 2019 22:54

TheMIL Could you arrange the Minipets on the plates page in alphabetical order.

Sure. Plates and Photos are now ordered by the Minipet/Pet in alphabetical order.
7th Sep 2019 22:47

sparkles361 If an item says retired account upgrades 2007, is there a way that I can click that text and get taken to the wishlist for only AU retired 2007 items?

This was recently changed for most retired items, including AU and Event items.
3rd Jun 2019 19:30

Tremble Can we have a feature in our shops that reprises all the pages at once?

Its not possible to add limitless amounts of items for every player to be autopriced and re-priced in one click. It was recently doubled though from 35 to 70 at a time after our recent server upgrade.
3rd Jun 2019 19:24

Fork Is it possible donate currencies into pot of gold?

It wasn't but you can at the new Giveaways.
3rd Jun 2019 19:22

Dannie Can bank interest not reset the clock when we make a deposit? I understand resetting the clock for a withdrawal but not for a deposit.

No... interest is earned in every bank for how long its in the bank for. If the clock didn't reset, it would not be rewarding you for a full day's worth of interest as you would deposit all of your currency just before its time to collect interest.
3rd Jun 2019 19:11

Alcyone Will you please add Stock Market and Temples/Pyramids to the notifications?

All 7 temples, 5 pyramids and the Stock Market now have reminders.
3rd Jun 2019 19:08

Oogie Are any of the new Justin plushies or potions actually restocking at Desert Spy or are they just extremely rare? I???ve never seen a single new one in there.

I changed the way that Desert Spy and Slater Stalker shops work. They now always have items in stock.
3rd Jun 2019 18:01

Shadow Instead of having to copy and paste a username to send a currency exchange, could we have an icon right on the users profile to send a CE directly?

Profiles are quite full as it is, but if you click on a player's currency on their profile, it will link to currency exchange and automatically fill out their username now.
3rd Jun 2019 02:24

Tiger Can there be a link to Pipe Dream from the fake dukka exchange?

Sure, its been added to the links at the bottom now.
3rd Jun 2019 02:16

MommaCats It would be really awesome if there was a Delete button when you're reading an alert.

We used to have this, not sure why we don't anymore... its back now!
26th May 2019 14:24

Student Can we get an "Instant Sale Price Only" option on the Search Trades page?

This was added to the Trades recently. Price Checker also now shows the lowest Instant Sale Price too when an item isn't on the Shop Search.
26th May 2019 14:13

Jamison Can the goals be fixed for the ones about completing level 30 of a mission?

This was actually fixed recently. All missions were re-coded and all of the avatars, goals and other problems reported have been fixed. Whenever it says "complete a level" finishing the mission counts.
26th May 2019 13:38

Alcyone Could you please put our pet's Freelance Job total on Pet Profiles?

The total is actually per player but I've added to the stats page of profiles.
26th May 2019 13:31

badcomet Can you please fix pet weights? Creating a pet that's 40 KG ends up with a pet that's 4000 Kg on their profile.

This has been fixed. It creates them properly, the profiles just added extra 0s for some reason...
26th May 2019 13:15

Brit Can we get a complete quest button for Sumo Sally and Knutt Knight after winning a battle?

This was recently added. You can also finish Cosmonaut and Desert Spy from the shop page.
26th May 2019 13:12

Bootleg Can we please get a Drew giftbox? Double vouchers feature? :)

A Drew giftbox was released but there are no current plans for a double vouchers giftbox. The new giftbox should make it much easier to get the vouchers though!
26th May 2019 11:27

cadence11 Will there ever be a new world or just improvements to the current ones?

There are 2 new worlds fully planned and will be released in the future, but not until I have revamped and improved all of the oldest maps first.
26th May 2019 11:24

Red Does One in a Million really have 1/1,000,000 odds?

No it doesn't - it's far more generous than that!
26th May 2019 11:21

Caity1994 Could the job promotion system be changed? Currently, my pets are only offered promotions in the same order, always starting with the top left.

If you get a random event offering a job promotion, it selects any pet at random that doesn't already have a job promotion on offer.
26th May 2019 11:18

bentley77 Is the wonderland treasure chest ever going to be released again?

Anything retired just means its no longer on sale. Any item can be re-released at any time at random, so, some time in the future, it will.
26th May 2019 09:18

Bread Can the missing photos gift box sort photos by species and not just alphabetical order?

You can sort missing photos by species and costumes now. If you have the new giftbox, you can also sort by cheapest, most expensive and unbuyable.
26th May 2019 09:16

Birdy Could we get a "check price" button for the missing spells like we do for the other missing collections pages?

This has been added :)
26th May 2019 09:10

cadence11 Could you add a feature where we can remove items from our wardrobe please?

Items will NEVER be able to be removed from collections.
26th May 2019 09:09

Dannie Can we have a link to the Spam Fairy in MT?

There is a link to the Spam Fairy at the bottom of MaraTalk, in the suggested links bar. I have also added a text link at the top.
26th May 2019 08:05

Bread What if on the pet stat page, you could click on the stats and it would go directly to the gym/elite gym/quests that gain the stats for quicker access?

As more and more pages of the site are updated, you may have noticed that more and more parts of the site are "clickable" now and link to relevant places. Pet profiles is one of them - clicking on each stat does link you to the Gym/Elite Gym/School etc now.
26th May 2019 08:03

JavannaLynn Will grave robbing ever work at 9am??

This was one of those issues that was "fixed" many times over the years but never actually. After 14 or so years though I can confirm that this was recently fixed AND I actually stayed up and made sure I was online at 9am Marapets time to confirm.
26th May 2019 07:48

J2THAE1 Do you think there could be a chance to have a giftbox to half the amount of time for the Fruit Machine in Biala please? :)

I think we have enough Giftboxes at the moment. There will only be new ones for extra special features.. or if enough players request for it on here. Fruit Machine isn't either one of those I'm afraid.
26th May 2019 07:47

CatDragon185 Could the currency page possibly include a link to buy fake dukka coins?

This is on there now. In the future, when the currency page is updated it will have a lot more information about every currency and link to all places that you can earn/spend each currency. One day!
26th May 2019 07:41

Bellatrix90 Will we have another battle event soon, like the Minipet Island War of '07?

Not any time *soon* but there will be a plot/war eventually, in the distant future. Too many new features and battle updates need to be made before then... and there are far too many other things on the list before the Battle Arena...
26th May 2019 07:40

Ease Can you please add a link to the freelance agency on the job centre page?

There is a link to the Job Agency at the bottom in the suggested links bar, on the Vortex Park map, at the 'Pets' section on the side bar and at the 'Pet Dailies' section linked at the top and bottom of every page. I have also now added a text link in the Job Centre description too.
26th May 2019 07:36

Alcyone Would it be possible to let us view all Gourmet Foods grouped together in our attic?

Good idea! This was added to Attics, along with the option to view all 'non-retired' items too. If you have the new Price Order Giftbox you can also sort your attic by cheapest and most expensive items and only items that are unbuyable on the Shop Search. To make it easier to move items from your Attic, there is also 'Attic Settings' at the bottom. You can change this at any time so that you can move multiple items from your Attic much easier/quicker.
26th May 2019 07:32

Dannie Could items that are from events but the event is no longer happening be linked to their items page? Example Beelzebub Novel... could it link to the location page?

I have just updated the Beelzebub page and added locations to its past prizes. When other events and characters have their own special pages in the future, I will do those too.
7th May 2019 13:28

Lee2016 When we click 'Check Price', can it also show if we have that item in out shop? Like it shows for Attic and Gallery?

People keep asking for this but for now it can't be added. There are two reasons really... Shops work different from Galleries and Attics. Only you can make "changes" to these places so there is no issue with lag. Shops are more difficult because other player's are constantly searching these and changing prices/buying them. The second issue is that price check is already packed solid and there isn't any room. People have been asking for this for so long though that I've had plenty of time to think of a compromise! When you price check an item, if you have this item in your shop and you are showing as the lowest price, it no longer has the "Buy for 500MP on Shop Search" link but it now says "Lowest in your shop at 500MP" and if you click it, it will remove 1 of these from your shop to your Inventory. This should help when you are doing quests or buying items and your shop is the cheapest.
3rd May 2019 06:57

Patrick There???s a lot of treasure chests I missed while on break. I know that we have had a lot rereleased this year, but can you put a random chest option in AUs?

Sorry, the random chest option will not be added but some of the older chests will be added, at random, in the future for a limited time.
3rd May 2019 06:28

ninjasydney Can the pages in our sales history be also accessible at the bottom of the page so we don't have to scroll back to the top?

Sure - this has now been added.
30th Apr 2019 13:04

Beelzebunny The Seaso Plushie is actually Pleon!

Haha you're right. They do look very similar... fixed that!
30th Apr 2019 12:59

Neko Can you break up the Fish at the Aquarium into two sections with the price check in the middle/bottom?

It's now been added to the Aquarium, Robot Repair, Knutt House, Hump Racing and Eleka Prison.
30th Apr 2019 12:54

Yasmeen Can you make club quizzes case insensitive? It is frustrating to lose when something isn't the right capitalisation.

I looked into it and can see that it is already case insensitive. I think maybe the reason people may not get it right is if there was any blank space or spaces in the answers when they enter. This has now been fixed now.
30th Apr 2019 12:41

GarmauSucks I'm not sure if this is on purpose but you spelled "Appetizer" as "Appetiser"

You're playing a UK based site and it is spelt "Appetiser" in English. We do not use the American version of English.
30th Apr 2019 12:30

PoisonIvySaur Would you ever considering making a "Swaps" feature? Or perhaps an add on to trades?

This was planned as a feature for Trades where you could allow your Photo or Plate only trade to automatically accept an offer for any Photo or Plate missing from your collection. The reason it never went ahead was simply because different Photos and Plates have different values and I didn't want the Trades cluttered with them. Instead we have a Swap feature for Clubs. Find a good club/create a good club and the swap feature will work because you can trust the other club members to be honest.
30th Apr 2019 12:26

Pichu Can we have the banks show what the interest on that currency is?

All 3 banks now tell you how much MP, RP or BP you will collect on the countdown. Remember, the 24 hour countdown resets every time you make a deposit to the bank!
30th Apr 2019 05:37

nightmarewolf Could you make the autopricer not change any prices of items if they havent changed since last check?

Sure! Now when you autoprice, if you are currently showing as the lowest price on the shop search, it will no longer automatically increase or decrease the price by 1MP.
30th Apr 2019 02:02

Uhtred When we go to the minipet page, when we click on a minipet can it take us directly to that minipets profile? It works for some but not all. Thank so much!

It should have already worked for all pets, this was a glitch I didn't know about. It has been fixed now though! You can also click your minipets at the Ferris Wheel and Resort to visit their profiles.
30th Apr 2019 01:51

Haydus The Grave Keeper is said to fall asleep every 3 hours, yet there is a period in the morning where he is awake for 5 hours straight. Is this a glitch?

Yes it was glitch but was fixed. It seems that 09:00 MST was being strange at the Grave Robber, Bank and Knutt Knight since forever but it was fixed yesterday and confirmed fixed today.
29th Apr 2019 09:38

Ambzillius Could we get a cool-down timer/ time left to complete on the Quests page like there is for Missions and points to play so we don't have to go into each quest to see how long is left for timers to time out?

This has been planned for a long time and we're happy to say that it was just released today!
28th Apr 2019 05:02

Camarie Will there ever be a phone app for marapets?

There are no immediate plans for one but maybe in the future! We are always trying to make the site more "mobile friendly".
27th Apr 2019 19:16

Dread Could you please make it so we see our missing stamps by which page they are on?

These can be found on
27th Apr 2019 19:12

Nightmares Could we have it so the elite stats also show up in pet trades?

Wow - how have I never noticed they were missing? They're added now!
27th Apr 2019 19:08

Yantle Would it be possible to allow the Magic Carpet feature to skip pyramid levels also?

No, the Magic Carpet will only ever be for missions.
27th Apr 2019 19:01

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