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Ambriella When getting a Currency Exchange alert from someone, could you put a button on the alert so we can get directed straight to the CE page?

This has been added to Currency Exchange now. There is also a slight delay of 30-120 seconds in processing accepted or declined Currency Exchanges.
25 Nov 18:11

Buns Could we please get a check price at the capsule prize list?

This has now been added.
25 Nov 18:09

Specter Should tiredness be changed to thirst? Since marapets no longer go to bed and sleep, only using drinks (and hotel nights) to reduce that status then should the name of that stat be changed?

This was in the process of changing but there was many parts of the site to edit and update. This has been changed now and 'Tiredness' is now 'Thirst'. Hopefully this is a lot less confusing!
25 Nov 18:09

faithful_sandwhale I used a Language Concoction and got the success message "Taniquetil now has one more english stat". You might want to change this wording.

Oops! Fixed that now.
25 Nov 18:08

prettyangelz When we click on the minipets button on the marapets home button page, and click on a minipet, can it direct us to that minipet?

This is where it should be linked to. This has been fixed now.
25 Nov 18:07

ScrappingGirl Could you please make it so we can buy more than 1 raffle ticket at a time?

You can now buy 1, 5 or 10 raffle tickets at a time.
25 Nov 18:06

Wolfiri Can we get the retirement date of an item (if there is one) under the Check Price menu?

There isn't enough room for the date but there is now a red ! icon shown that links to retirement planning if an item has a date set to retire.
25 Nov 18:00

loconut321 I think the item "Pea Seeds" is accidentally spelled "Pee Seeds".

Not a mistake, the Pee Seeds are to create the minipet called Pee, who is a Pea.
25 Nov 17:58

ItsJake Can we get a timer at the town hall so we know how long we have left before we can change usernames please?

Sure, this has now been added.
25 Nov 17:57

Christmas Can you please add 'T' (toy) next to items that can be played with, like GF for gourmet foods?

The GF was a temporary fix because Gourmet Minipets were merged with other Minipets to fix the Minipet Colours section on Minipet Island. This was confusing and has been replaced with and Toys now show as
15 Nov 22:31

Fork Could we have timer for banks for interests?

All three Banks and the ATM have a new cleaner layout, new receipts and a countdown for interest added.
15 Nov 13:08

Origami Is there a way to show a list of what items we can get from the Vending Machine?

Sure, the list of items can be found at the Wishlists in the 'Browse by Location' section. I have added it to the Vending Machine too.
15 Nov 13:03

ItsJake Can we pretty pretty please be able to organise our selfies too?

If you have completed the Unnecessary Perfection Instructions you can now organise your Wardrobe Selfies in the same way as you do your Galleries.
15 Nov 12:56

blondies Could we have the option to turn on or off live auction bids?

I have changed the live auction bids now. They are live until the last 2 minutes of an auctions where it goes back to the old way.
15 Nov 04:05

Briongloid Does refreshing at the Editorial page still give the editorial avatar? I've been trying for quite some time now and no such luck!

The Avatar was from refreshing at the Old Editorials but these were sadly lost in the Marapocalypse so you couldn't view those pages. I have moved the avatar to the new editorials now and fixed that.
11 Nov 01:21

angelwings01 Could we have a cool down timer available for the Charity Shop and Factory Outlet please?

A countdown has been added to these shops now after you buy from them.
10 Nov 08:11

Ryan What's the best way to cook an egg? asking for a friend

Microwave until it explodes.
10 Nov 08:00

Lancelot Is it possible for there to be a quick-link to the Bearber in the wardrobe?

This has been added now :)
10 Nov 07:59

CJ When we add stamps to our album, can you make it so we know which page it went on?

When you use a Stamp to your Album it now tells you what page it is added to.
10 Nov 07:56

Lynn Will we be able to store more than 45 selfies in the future? It would be excellent if there was a giftbox which allowed players to add more.

It has been increased from 45 to 100 selfies with the Giftbox.
10 Nov 07:51

Shadow When our attic needs repairs, would it be possible to also say the tool we need to fix it?

This was actually added recently but wasn't announced on the news.
10 Nov 07:42

Dannie Could we get a check mark next to the socks we have when questing Shusan?

I have added the 'Check Price' feature to your list of Single Socks. You can use this to check if you have the socks in your Wardrobe.
10 Nov 07:40

lsutiger4life Can yall please add a countdown timer to the pot of gold showing how much time you have left before you can pick up another item?

Sure, a countdown shows at the top of Pot of Gold now.
10 Nov 07:12

Juliet Is there any way we could see what make-up people are wearing like there is with their clothing?

Eye and Face Make Up now show in Wardrobes. You can now remove these easier too!
10 Nov 06:43

Kimbo Can we get the amount of Olympic points we have on the olympics page? Rather than just the redemption shop

It now shows on the Olympics page too.
10 Nov 06:03

Curious567 Could frozen accounts be disqualified from being selected for Secret Santa quests?

Banned accounts and players online that have not verified their accounts are no longer included in the Snowman and Secret Santa quest list.
10 Nov 05:48

abbie_mg Will there ever be silver and bronze account upgrades added again?

No, this system changed. There are no longer Gold, Silver and Bronze. There are themed AU sets (with a Gold trophy), Treasure Chests for clothing and limited edition items for the shop.
10 Nov 05:47

toilet Is it possible to add a "Return To Shop" tab if you have purchased something?

If you click on the shopkeeper it returns you to the shop but this keeps getting asked for so I have added both.
10 Nov 05:44

Treetoes Can we get a delete all feeds button? Just like the "delete all alerts" button?

Sure, this has now been added.
10 Nov 05:37

Alcyone Is there any way to include what Stamp Page a Stamp belongs to when we do a price check on it?

There isn't really enough space on Price Checker but I have added it to the item page of the site search. Clothing will show you what category of Wardrobe and Stamps will show what page.
10 Nov 05:35

Dough Can we have a timer at the Guillotine?

The Guillotine now has a countdown timer.
10 Nov 05:05

Astraeax Would it be possible to add a "Go to last page" button on forums?

Good idea! This has been added to the top of every forum topic.
10 Nov 04:55

Journal Currently, if you try to delete items when you have a dukka/fake dukka coin in your inventory, it won't delete any of your items. Can you make it so the other items you selected will get deleted?

This error only comes up when you have select a Dukka or Fake Dukka Coin to be deleted. It can be in your Inventory but you have to make sure its not selected to be deleted.
10 Nov 04:48

Harv Will we ever be able to use our war points again? It's been so long and i still have over 600 points

The war shop is open whenever there is a war. Those war points have no value because you needed to spend them during the previous war event. Whenever we have a new war, these points will be reset.
10 Nov 04:43

cadence11 Could there be a check price button when you move or quick stock items?

Sure, I have added this in both of these places now.
10 Nov 04:40

gennie Is there any way for the [donate] option on items in our inventories, to be linked to the 'Move Items' settings, so that when we have our settings on delete rather than donate, it'll delete the item instead?

Inventory has been changed and a 'Delete' option has been added.
10 Nov 04:25

ItsJake With the new auction feature of a live countdown, is there anyway to have a live update of bids as well?

This was being worked on too and has just been finished. Its live now!
4 Sep 11:54

Rev When an item is added to wardrobe and it shows the "added to" message, would it be possible to make the category clickable instead of just "wardrobe."

Sure, now whenever you add any clothing item to your wardrobe it tells you what category its in and lets you click right to it.
28 Aug 08:30

virtualpetscraze Would it be possible to show the health of each pet when visiting the Bubble Pit?

Good idea! This has now been added.
28 Aug 08:27

HerseysKisses Can we have a cancel button or a leave on level 50 of Slate Pyramid if we don't want to change our pet to Echlin? But want to at least make it to the end?

No you can't cancel it you will need to accept the prize to finish. You can always create a new pet, make it Echlin and disown it. There will be plenty of new players happy to adopt it.
28 Aug 08:23

Hobbits The "Remove All Clothing" button in the wardrobe also removes eyebrows for some reason. Can it please be changed so that eyebrows stay?

I have stopped 'Remove All Clothing' buttom from removing Eyebrows, Eye and Face Make Up.
26 Aug 16:29

bunnyfox Will there be any new flash games added to the site? I love all of the current ones but it would be great to add more.

No, flash is pretty much old dead technology and any new games will not be flash based.
26 Aug 16:26

La Can there be a timer on the Capsule Machine?

24 Aug 16:16

TheRedQueen Some of the quests when failed will have the "Quest again" button (eg Secret Santa) while others don't, could you make it such that all the quests have this button so we won't need to refresh again before clicking "Accept Quest"?

I have checked and edited all quests now so they should have the 'Quest Again' button on the failed quest page too.
23 Aug 14:49

luvinjohnnydepp12 Since Knutt Knight is largely based on whether or not you have a TC or your pet has high enough stats to beat them, would it be possible to reduce times for this quest since he's open every other hour only?

With the Diamond prices being so high at the moment I have edited both Knutt Knight and Sumo Sally. You used to have 45-90 minutes to complete a quest but now it is 20-30 minutes. If you have the giftbox this will be 10-20 minutes.
22 Aug 07:04

CutyPie333 Can the University have a cancel option for the course in case you don't have the scholarship or you click the wrong class?

This has been requested many times over the years and I have finally added it to the University.
22 Aug 06:59

Marshmallow Why is there only one ushunda enchanted plushie? wheres the ushundas love? Ushundas need at least one of every base colour in enchanted plushies. #UshundaRights

Every pet has new plushies currently being done, starting with basic pets, then mission pets, then limited and restricted pets. They will have plenty of plushies very soon. And Ushundas do not have any rights.
22 Aug 06:51

gennie Could a link to the Booster Shop be added to the quick links at the top of the Olympics page?

22 Aug 06:45

abbie_mg I think the auction time count down should be a live clock count down instead of us needing to keep refreshing the page

I have tried this many, many times over the years but I found javascript/ajax too difficult. I gave it another go today and finally managed to do it! Enjoy =D
22 Aug 05:47

Aj Can we have a counter at the Simerian Statue please?

The Simerian Statue has been updated with a newer design now and this includes a countdown feature.
22 Aug 04:41

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