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Dannie Could items that are from events but the event is no longer happening be linked to their items page? Example Beelzebub Novel... could it link to the location page?

I have just updated the Beelzebub page and added locations to its past prizes. When other events and characters have their own special pages in the future, I will do those too.
7 May 13:28

Lee2016 When we click 'Check Price', can it also show if we have that item in out shop? Like it shows for Attic and Gallery?

People keep asking for this but for now it can't be added. There are two reasons really... Shops work different from Galleries and Attics. Only you can make "changes" to these places so there is no issue with lag. Shops are more difficult because other player's are constantly searching these and changing prices/buying them. The second issue is that price check is already packed solid and there isn't any room. People have been asking for this for so long though that I've had plenty of time to think of a compromise! When you price check an item, if you have this item in your shop and you are showing as the lowest price, it no longer has the "Buy for 500MP on Shop Search" link but it now says "Lowest in your shop at 500MP" and if you click it, it will remove 1 of these from your shop to your Inventory. This should help when you are doing quests or buying items and your shop is the cheapest.
3 May 06:57

Patrick There???s a lot of treasure chests I missed while on break. I know that we have had a lot rereleased this year, but can you put a random chest option in AUs?

Sorry, the random chest option will not be added but some of the older chests will be added, at random, in the future for a limited time.
3 May 06:28

ninjasydney Can the pages in our sales history be also accessible at the bottom of the page so we don't have to scroll back to the top?

Sure - this has now been added.
30 Apr 13:04

PopcornWolf The Seaso Plushie is actually Pleon!

Haha you're right. They do look very similar... fixed that!
30 Apr 12:59

Kaiuh Can you break up the Fish at the Aquarium into two sections with the price check in the middle/bottom?

It's now been added to the Aquarium, Robot Repair, Knutt House, Hump Racing and Eleka Prison.
30 Apr 12:54

Yasmeen Can you make club quizzes case insensitive? It is frustrating to lose when something isn't the right capitalisation.

I looked into it and can see that it is already case insensitive. I think maybe the reason people may not get it right is if there was any blank space or spaces in the answers when they enter. This has now been fixed now.
30 Apr 12:41

GarmauSucks I'm not sure if this is on purpose but you spelled "Appetizer" as "Appetiser"

You're playing a UK based site and it is spelt "Appetiser" in English. We do not use the American version of English.
30 Apr 12:30

PoisonIvySaur Would you ever considering making a "Swaps" feature? Or perhaps an add on to trades?

This was planned as a feature for Trades where you could allow your Photo or Plate only trade to automatically accept an offer for any Photo or Plate missing from your collection. The reason it never went ahead was simply because different Photos and Plates have different values and I didn't want the Trades cluttered with them. Instead we have a Swap feature for Clubs. Find a good club/create a good club and the swap feature will work because you can trust the other club members to be honest.
30 Apr 12:26

Pichu Can we have the banks show what the interest on that currency is?

All 3 banks now tell you how much MP, RP or BP you will collect on the countdown. Remember, the 24 hour countdown resets every time you make a deposit to the bank!
30 Apr 05:37

nightmarewolf Could you make the autopricer not change any prices of items if they havent changed since last check?

Sure! Now when you autoprice, if you are currently showing as the lowest price on the shop search, it will no longer automatically increase or decrease the price by 1MP.
30 Apr 02:02

Uhtred_Ragnarson When we go to the minipet page, when we click on a minipet can it take us directly to that minipets profile? It works for some but not all. Thank so much!

It should have already worked for all pets, this was a glitch I didn't know about. It has been fixed now though! You can also click your minipets at the Ferris Wheel and Resort to visit their profiles.
30 Apr 01:51

Haydus The Grave Keeper is said to fall asleep every 3 hours, yet there is a period in the morning where he is awake for 5 hours straight. Is this a glitch?

Yes it was glitch but was fixed. It seems that 09:00 MST was being strange at the Grave Robber, Bank and Knutt Knight since forever but it was fixed yesterday and confirmed fixed today.
29 Apr 09:38

Ambzillius Could we get a cool-down timer/ time left to complete on the Quests page like there is for Missions and points to play so we don't have to go into each quest to see how long is left for timers to time out?

This has been planned for a long time and we're happy to say that it was just released today!
28 Apr 05:02

Camarie Will there ever be a phone app for marapets?

There are no immediate plans for one but maybe in the future! We are always trying to make the site more "mobile friendly".
27 Apr 19:16

Kam Could you please make it so we see our missing stamps by which page they are on?

These can be found on
27 Apr 19:12

Sleighbell Could we have it so the elite stats also show up in pet trades?

Wow - how have I never noticed they were missing? They're added now!
27 Apr 19:08

Yantle Would it be possible to allow the Magic Carpet feature to skip pyramid levels also?

No, the Magic Carpet will only ever be for missions.
27 Apr 19:01

Mexico Can we have a Job Center link added to the Marapets homepage, like where we have links for school, university, gym, etc?

The Job Centre has been added there now.
27 Apr 18:59

Alcyone Can you please put the Fake Dukka Exchange in the Currency Menu like we have the Dukka Exchange?

Sure - its been added!
27 Apr 18:45

Rumor Could you add a timer to the Eleka Fountain?

The timer has now been added to the Eleka Fountain.
27 Apr 18:41

Kyreecie Is there any chance we could have the option to search "Missing Transformations" by costume, as well as pet species?

Sure! When you view your Missing Transformations there is now the option to sort by costume or species.
27 Apr 18:35

Alisha Can we get a link to the Dukka Coin Exchange on the shops that use dukkas?

If you click on the Dukka Coin icon next to the price, this links you to the Dukka Coin Exchange. The same goes for Fake Dukka Coins and Account Upgrade Credit Shops.
25 Apr 09:18

Waylon Can rules be updated for referencing alcoholic beverages since we have wines and beer as items on marapets?

No, the forums are PG13. These items were renamed and were added in poor taste in the first place.
25 Apr 09:05

ScrappingGirl Is there any chance you could add a counter to the gumball machine like the one now on the plushie machines?

Its not really possible unless it just started counting from now, which isn't really necessary. The Plushie Machine just started counting from day one... no idea why!
25 Apr 09:03

Ghibli Is there any way to add a "show instant priced only" feature within trade searches, like the tick box for online trades only?

I have actually been working on this for quite some time and it has now been added as a feature.
25 Apr 09:00

Amantoriya Will pets ever be able to wear clothing, or is that an overly-ambitious road?

This will never, ever happen.
12 Feb 07:50

Haze Could we possibly have more length options for Auctions? I.e., 11, 13, 14, 16 hours..

Sure, I have added 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 hours and 14 days to Auctions and Pet Auctions.
12 Feb 07:48

Violin Could we be allowed more selfies, 100 just isn't quite enough..

I have made the Wardrobe Selfie Giftbox stackable now. The first time you use one it allows 100 selfies instead of 3. Each additional Wardrobe Selfie Giftbox you use will allow another 100, to a maximum of 1,000 selfies.
12 Feb 07:36

Selection When we search for something in shop search, can there be a count of how many of that item is in that user's shop?

Sure, this has now been added to Shop Search. It cannot however be added to 'Quick Search' or Price Checker.
15 Oct 16:58

shadowstarqueen Can we have the option to buy multiple Lottery tickets like we can with Raffle?

Sure! You can now buy 1, 5 or 10 Lucky Dip Lottery tickets at a time.
15 Oct 13:00

Bellatrix90 Could we get a double scholarships giftbox for the aquarium please?

Sure, why not. I'll get one made today.
13 Oct 06:15

Jasmine Thanks for adding the Mutant Skin to the AU Trick or Treat Costumes. Could the Mutated Costume possibly be added as well? It retired from the same place as the Mutant Skin.

13 Oct 06:12

comanches_girl Can we get random stats for our pet while battling?

There are actually new random events being added to Battling and Restocking soon... so... maybe :P
13 Oct 06:09

jalapeno Can you have it so that trade lots can hold 16 or 20 items? So a trade lot can hold an entire treasure map set.

10 is and will always be the maximum.
13 Oct 06:03

Gummgumm Will the slot machines ever come back?? :/

Yes, but nothing like they were before...
13 Oct 06:01

Ghibli Could we have a link somewhere on the bootleg pyramid page to the fake pirate ship please?

13 Oct 06:00

blitzen Can we have a link to the light fairy on the university page please?

13 Oct 05:58

Declan Can you fix the countdown for Dukka Dash on the "points to play" page? It shows the normal time, even if you have the giftbox.

Fixed :)
13 Oct 05:54

Seiko When scrolling through the premium hair styles, can the preview be with the hair style on your current doll instead of a default doll? That would make it a lot easier to figure out if a hair style looks good on your doll!

You just click on any hair style and it'll load the preview above on your current doll.
13 Oct 05:51

kittykat100 Will there ever be a Foxfire Pond Goals?

The artwork has been ready for them for months now but we have a few new features for this world I want to release first.
13 Oct 05:12

FadedLynx Can Dress 4 Less Vouchers be tradeable? Not everyone has, wants, or can ever afford an expansive wardrobe of retired/AU clothes. Also not everyone with a big wardrobe wants to change their pets. This could make both groups happier!

This will never happen.
13 Oct 05:11

Shan2016 Can you make a feature when viewing other people's pets, the fee to borrow/ lend each pet is there

It only shows for your pets. A lot of people would not want this information public and not everyone wants their pet to be traded/borrowed.
13 Oct 04:56

Shipper_Of_Heart Can we get a tick to tell us which plushies/clothes/other collectibles we have when we select them? We have them for stamps and cards, but not many other collectibles

All collections have this but *SOME* require a specific Giftbox to work. For more information visit the Giftbox Shop or the Help Forums.
13 Oct 04:53

Jokar When flash ends, will we still be able to play our favorite games ? Are you going to redo any of them so we can still have them?

No plans to re-do them, I think they've served us well for the past 13 or so years BUT its time for them to go. They current plan is to move them to a Museum in Simeria.
13 Oct 04:51

Declan Can you add a feature that allows you to test club layouts in the actual club setting without leaving your current club or tampering with your current club layout?

You can do this by creating an extra page in the club to test with.
13 Oct 04:50

MommaCats Is there a way to use UPI to organize our blogs?

This has been on the to-do list for a long time now but I finally have added it to Blogs today :)
11 Oct 06:36

Leirissa Will there be a gift box for Capsule Machine?

There is one but it is retired. It was won from the Capsule Machine. One day in the future it may be re-added.
7 Oct 10:40

jalapeno When you cancel a trade, can you make it so that it goes back to the page you canceled from instead of page one?

I'm surprised it didn't already do this! This has been done for Trades and Wanted Ads now.
7 Oct 10:34

spottedcalf I saw where you said in April there were plans in the works for the Volcano, but it was needing to be put on hold. Are there any new updates/changes of plan/spoilers you're willing to share with us? :)

The world has been planned for years and so have many other features and new content. It was basically put on hold to focus on older worlds. All new features to be added right now will be improvements or enhancements to older features. The only spoiler really is that Eleka's Castle is most likely the next world we will focus on.
7 Oct 10:32

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