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Ever since he destroyed the first City of Marada, Zetzilla has had a reputation as being evil and scary. When he first moved to Gigantic Paradise there was widespread panic but he has finally found a place where his size and strength is normal. He now believes that being strong and powerful is a good thing and everyday he chooses a random colour and species of Marapets and pays for their Gym and Elite Gym training. Return to

Gigantic Paradise


All Strobe Bolimo receive FREE Gym & Elite Gym training today

This pet will change in 8 hours and 10 minutes

Big Money Bingo
in 10 minutes
3,350,225MP Prize

Return to

Gigantic Paradise

Battle Arena

Battle Fairy


Bubble Pit

Elite Gym


Knutt Knight

Sumo Sally


Tooth Fairy

Trading Card Collection

Weekly Battle Contest

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