Places to Visit
Vortex Park - a deadly vortex randomly appeared one day and completely destroyed the friendly town of Vortex Park. Emergency aid was distributed to the displaced victims of the vortex, but after two hundred and seventy three years with the vortex still at category five storm strength, the town has since been abandoned. All that is left is a temporary trailer park filled with poverty, trash, crime and violence.

Play Game  Bearber
Complete the Bearber Treasure Map and you can change your Facial Hair here.
Play Game  Cup Shuffle
Guess which cup the Lazy Fairy has hidden the bottle cap under to win.

Play Game  Currency Exchange
Safely exchange your currency of MP, BP and RP with other players here.
You can buy gourmet meals for MP at this shop in Vortex Park.

Diner may restock new items in 1 minute

 Fake Costumes
You can buy fake costumes for MP at this shop in Vortex Park.

Fake Costumes may restock new items in 3 minutes
 Fake Dukka Coins
You can exchange Fake Dukka Coins here for different Fake Dukka Coins here in Vortex Park.

 Fake Pirate Ship
You can buy special items for Fake Dukka Coins at this shop in Vortex Park.
Play Game  Freelance Agency
Earn MP completing freelance work with your pet - if they meet the job requirements!

Play Game  Goals
Complete each level of the Vortex Park related goals to win prizes.

Completed Level 0 of 50 
Play Game  
Griffin rewards each of your pets for training their coordination stats.

Play Game  Items Wanted
List the items you want to buy or collect for sellers to find you.
Play Game  
Knutt House0 
Feed these crazy Knutts some nuts and you may win a Staff Costume

Complete a Knutt House quest now

Play Game  
Peasant Fairy0 
The Peasant Fairy rewards you for the number of mission levels you have completed.

Play Game  Penitentiary
Complete thirty missions at the Penitentiary and gain a limited edition Arinya pet.
Completed Level 0 of 30 

You can visit Penitentiary now

Play Game  
Complete quests to win socks. Match a pair to win the socks for your wardrobe.

Complete a Shusan quest now
Play Game  Time Machine
Use a Time Machine Token to go back in time and see what retired item you will find.

Play Game  
Travis Truck0 
Bring Travis the food he needs to feed his large family and he will reward you.

Complete a Travis Truck quest now
Play Game  Vortex Park Reservoir
Complete the Vortex Park Reservoir Treasure Map to visit and take a dip here.

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