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Places to Visit

Puchalla Village is a quiet and peaceful haven, where many marapets have chosen to live in a friendly village community. The fresh food shops here are very economical and sell local produce, and if you're in a shopping mood you can explore the user shops which sell everything from cheap food to the most rare and expensive items in Marada. If you're tired after a long day you'll find this is a good place to relax and socialise in the evenings as it's only a short walk from your house over to the clubs building.
Complete Bumpkin's missions for food and you will receive a limited edition Gizmo pet.
 Canned Food
Buy the canned food items you need from this shop.
 Charity Shop
Buy random items on sale in the Charity Shop at a reduced price.
Join or create a Club to meet a group of players with similar interests and make friends.
Buy the flower items you need from this flower shop.
Buy the shoes you need from this shop for your character to wear.
Buy the fruits you need from this shop for your pet to eat.
Complete goals related to the Puchalla Village world and receive a prize at each level.
Buy the meat items you need from this shop to feed your pet.
Buy the medicine you need from this shop to heal a sick pet.
 Old Fairy
The Old Fairy rewards you for the number of photos in your photo album.
 Puchalla Inn
Complete the Puchalla Inn quests for drinks and receive a reward.
 Retirement Planning
View a list of all items that will retire within the next 2 months on Marapets.
 School Supplies
Buy the school supplies you need from this shop to pay for your pet's education.
 Shop Search
Search for the items you need on sale in other player's shops at the Shop Search.
 Stock Market
Invest in the stock market and make a profit when their share price increases.
Buy the vegetable items you need from this shop for your pet to eat.

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