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Undying Minipets are a different type of minipet. Undying Minipets are minipets that have been brought back from the dead in Undying Woods. A Murfin called Franken can perform the resurrections in Undying Woods if you bring him the correct bones and some blood. Every Undying Minipet has five different bones, and each bone comes in a different colour. You will need to bring 5 of the same colour and species bones and a blood item of the same colour as the bones to Franken and he will perform the resurrection for you.

As more and more people are robbing graves in Undying Woods, more and more bones are being found and new species of Undying Minipets are regularly discovered.
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Here is an example of one of his resurrections:

White Minnoth Bones
White Blood
White Minnoth

- Resurrection -

Please Select your Blood item :

Please Select your Bones :

FREE Bingo
in seconds
20,000MP Prize

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