Places to Visit
Hidden deep inside Dukka Caves away from prying eyes (and the Maradan police!) is Dukka Town, an illegal pirate town. As it operates outside of the Maradan economy the traders here use their own currency - Dukka Coins. Your marapoints are worthless here, so if you don't have any coins then you might want to have a go at the slot machine before visiting the shops to see if you can win yourself a few. You can always add those coveted items to your wishlist here if you can't afford them yet.

Play Game  Bingo
A new and exciting game of Bingo starts every 15 minutes, all day, every day.
 Dukka Coins
You can exchange Dukka Coins here for different Dukka Coins here in Dukka Town.

Play Game  Dukka Dash
For only 3,000MP you can visit Rusila and open her bags of loot to win Dukka Coins.
Play Game  Raffle
Only 10mp per ticket, and you may be the lucky owner of a new shiny dukka coin!

Play Game  Scratchcards
Buy a random scratchcard for a Two Dukka Coin. Scratch to win amazing prizes.
Play Game  Snap!
Play the easiest card game of them all. You can play for free every 10 minutes.

Play Game  Wishlist
Browse through all items on the site and add ones you want to your wishlist.

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