Places to Visit
Lightyears away from Marada, on the edge of the galaxy is the strange planet Enpiah. Birthplace of the pet Huthiq, Enpiah is a home to all of the weird but wonderful scientists of Marada, whose experiments are so dangerous that they are illegal elsewhere. If you are planning on staying, the illegal concoctions shop has some interesting items on sale, or why not buy yourself a constellation of stars? If its your pet you are here for, the Operation Portal can be used or you can use the DNA Minipets lab, to see what you can create... Every virtual world has virtual games and activities for you to take part in. Hover your mouse over the places on the map for more information and select the place you would like to visit.

Play Game  
Complete a Cosmonaut quest and win MP, Dip or maybe an Enchanted Dip.

Complete a Cosmonaut quest now
Play Game  Enpiah Alien
The Enpiah Alien sells rare items for Auction with a starting price of 1MP.

Play Game  Extract Enpiah
500RP to help Elroy dig through the crust of Enpiah and see what you can win.
Play Game  Galleries
Show off your item collections in your very own gallery.

Play Game  Goals
Complete the goals given by this Zoink for MP and prizes.

Completed Level 0 of 50 
Play Game  Guess the Flag
Help Trojan to leave Enpiah and visit a new country. Guess the flag for a prize.

 Illegal Concoctions
You can buy illegal concoctions for MP at this shop in Enpiah.

Illegal Concoctions may restock new items in 2 minutes
Play Game  Laboratory
Clone your pets to create a DNA Minipet. Side effects can include Mutant pets.

Play Game  Operations Portal
Operate on your pet once a day for free - it may change colour, species or stats!
Play Game  Plastic Surgery
Bring your Plastic Surgery Coupon here to choose a new nose for your character.

Play Game  
Space Fairy 
The Space Fairy rewards you for the number of DVDs your pet has watched.

You can buy stars for MP at this shop in Enpiah.

Stars may restock new items in 3 minutes

Play Game  Ublish's Lair
Complete the illegal Ublish missions for a limited edition Huthiq pet.
Completed Level 0 of 30 

You can visit Ublish's Lair now
Play Game  Word Search
See how many of the hidden words you can find. You'll be rewarded for finding them!

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