Places to Visit
Welcome to the happy mountain town of Biala Mountain - temperatures here are below zero all year round so be sure to wear warm clothes! If you visit during the Christmas season, you'll find it packed with tourists who travel from all over Marada for the special events hosted here, but there's always plenty to do in the rest of the year as well. Grab yourself an ice-cream to eat as you watch the newth races, and don't forget to pick up a few tickets for the monthly maradan lottery - it could be you who wins this month!

Play Game  Advent Calendar
Visit during the month of December for a free prize each day.
Play Game  Advent Tree
Complete the Advent Tree Instructions and receive new prizes every December.

Play Game  Blitzen's Grotto
Complete the difficult Blitzen missions for a limited edition Viotto pet.
Completed Level 0 of 30 

You can visit Blitzen's Grotto now
Play Game  Christmas Tree
Do whatever you like to the Christmas Tree and hope for a cracker prize.

You can buy costumes for MP at this shop in Biala Mountain.

Costumes may restock new items in 3 minutes
Play Game  Elf
Elf visits randomly at in December spreading joy and giving out prizes.

 Frozen Food
You can buy frozen food for MP at this shop in Biala Mountain.

Frozen Food may restock new items in 2 minutes
Play Game  Fruit Machine
Spin the wheel for free and cross your fingers! You could win up to 50,000 MP!

Play Game  Giftbox Collection
Use and collect each Giftbox to unlock new features and benefits in Marada.
Collected 0 of 73
 Giftbox Shop
You can buy giftbox items for Account Upgrade Credit at this shop in Biala Mountain.

Play Game  Goals
Complete these goals related to Biala Mountain and win prizes.

Completed Level 0 of 50 
Play Game  Ice Caves
Complete the Christmas Treasure Map for lifetime access to the Ice Caves.

 Ice Cream
You can buy ice cream for MP at this shop in Biala Mountain.

Ice Cream may restock new items in 28 seconds
Play Game  Krampus
Been naughty or nice? Visit us in December for this event.

Play Game  Lottery
Buy tickets for the weekly lottery. One ticket could win you millions!
Play Game  Mystery Item
Can you guess what item the Ice Fairy has blurred? Enter daily for free to win prizes.

Play Game  Newth Racing
Whee! Wage a bet on your favourite Newth and you could win big MP.
Play Game  
Santa Claws0 
Santa has fired his elves and needs help! Bring him Christmas gifts for a reward.

Complete a Santa Claws quest now

Play Game  Scrooge
Scrooge randomly donates items to the Pot of Gold for you to collect for free.
Play Game  
Seasonal Fairy0 
The Seasonal Fairy rewards you for the number of Giftboxes you have collected.

Play Game  
Secret Santa0 
Help Santa send out presents to the members of Marada and he will reward you.

Complete a Secret Santa quest now
Play Game  
Help the snowman send gifts to players that are online and you will be greatly rewarded!

Complete a Snowman quest now

Play Game  Stamp Collection
Collect stamp items and add them into your Stamp Album.
Collected 0 of 673
Play Game  Toy Collection
Every time your pet plays with a new toy it will add to their collection.
collected 0 of 7,476

You can buy toys for MP at this shop in Biala Mountain.

Toys may restock new items in 1 minute

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