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 Panda asked the Editorial:
Will the Flayee solution be changed, seeing the Pot of Gold drops have changed ?
Yea - with the way the Pot of Gold works now the solution to this avatar isn't fair given the price and rarity of the Flayee item. I don't usually ever give out solutions to avatars but will do this time because obviously it has changed. Since the Flayee now comes from the Time Machine, the solution for this avatar is now to use the Time Machine whenever the Flayee is a possible prize to be won that week. You don't have to win a Flayee but you will gain the avatar using the Time Machine if the Flayee was a possible prize to be won.
13 days & 17 hrs ago 1st Aug 2020 10:03
 Avious asked the Editorial:
When is a Marapets merchandise store coming to us??
Never say never, but I don't think I'd ever do this. If we were to have merchandise it would have to be done properly, with high quality little pet plushies that are special and something I would want to own. I don't like mass produced throwaway merchandise... like a plain white "one size fits noone" t shirt with MaraPets logo on it really isn't something I would ever want to exist. But one day I would love us to have a limited amount of special, high quality pet plushies that can be won in our events, earned in a special shop here or possibly as a free gift we send to those who reached say Level 100 of the progress goals. I would want them to all be really unique, with their own cute little box, unique tags, unique birth certificates. Something special that people would want to keep forever and not just be thrown away or added to the pile of other merchandise. It will happen one day but I doubt we'll ever have a store.. unless I accidently order 100,000 instead of 1,000 lol
13 days, 17 hrs & 48 mins ago 1st Aug 2020 09:16