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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
Overalls cant promise anything of course, but it'll at least give staff options
Overalls i cant do any for skyscraper til items come out but i'll give the others a spin
Overalls want me to whip some up later sb?
Corrupt I'd like some more new game avatars. Then I have something to work on again

 Bugsy15 asked the Editorial:
When will you add a Wallop Poision to the shop?
Just now!
15 days, 21 hrs & 41 mins ago 18th Mar 2020 16:38
 Peekaboo asked the Editorial:
Would you please add a link to the Weekly Quest Contest from the Desert Spy?
Sure - added!
21 days, 19 hrs & 46 mins ago 12th Mar 2020 18:32