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Is it horse racing? Is it car racing? No! Its Newth Racing! Racing is the popular sport of Biala Mountain. Want to earn some extra MP? Bet on one of the Newths! Each Newth has different odds - why not take a gamble on who you think will win the next race?

You can play Newth Racing once every 30 minutes. Here is the Prize List.
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Newth Racing

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There is a maximum bet of 2,500MP

Amount (MP)

Speedy Fit, fast and an excellent racer! Odds 2 : 1
Unlucky The fastest Newth but the unluckiest too! Odds 3 : 1
Hasty Hasty is fast but easily distracted.. Odds 4 : 1
Clumsy This Newth lacks speed and is very clumsy... Odds 5 : 1
Runny Runny is quite slow and often runs the wrong way. Odds 8 : 1
Dopey This Newth is very stupid and usually races backwards! Odds 10 : 1
Frosty This pet is too old to be a winner - but still trys hard Odds 25 : 1
Drippy You'll be lucky if this Newth even turns up for the race - but you never know... Odds 50 : 1
Steady Slow and Steady hardly ever wins the race! Odds 100 : 1
Snazzy Snazzy doesn't care about winning - its all about looking good losing! Odds 250 : 1

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20,000MP Prize

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