Quests reward you for doing what you are told to do. Some quests require you to bring certain items while others require you to Restock an item or win a Battle against an opponent. There is no limit to the number of quests you can do. Most quests are timed and you will fail if you do not complete it on time. If you are asked for an item you cannot get for any reason, just wait for the quest time limit to run out of time and start a new one. For more information about each quest, visit this Quest Guide. The Royal Fairy rewards you for completing Quests. You can also take part in the Weekly Quest Challenge.

Earn 25% more MP with the Quest of the Day

Play Game  Haunted House
Complete Elger's quests to win MP and crystals to train your pets at the Gym.

You have completed a total of 0 Quests

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Feed these hungry fish and you may receive a scholarship for university.

Complete a Aquarium quest now
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Borak's Brew0 
Get Cooking Utensils from Borak's Quests for containers like potions and perfume.

Complete a Borak's Brew quest now
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Candy Tree0 
Complete Candy Tree quests for chocolate and candy and you will be rewarded.

Complete a Candy Tree quest now
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Do quests for the Carpenter to earn Toy Blocks to use in the Puny Pyramid.

Complete a the Carpenter Treasure Map to use this
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Computer Repair0 
Complete the computer repair quests here by bringing the computer parts needed.

Complete a Computer Repair quest now
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Complete a Cosmonaut quest and win MP, Dip or maybe an Enchanted Dip.

Complete a Cosmonaut quest now
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Desert Spy0 
Desert Spy quests reward you with spy points. You must buy items for him from specific shops.

Complete a Desert Spy quest now
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Drew is fabulous! He will reward you if you wear the clothes he tells you to.

Complete a Drew quest now
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Eleka Prison0 
Feed these starving minipets and they'll thank you with RP and circus tickets.

Complete a Eleka Prison quest now
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Bring the farmer the items he needs and he'll reward you with MP and Balls of Yarn.

Complete a Farming quest now
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Bring your car parts to this Garage to complete a quest for rewards.

Complete a Garage quest now
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Haunted House0 
Complete Elger's quests to win MP and crystals to train your pets at the Gym.

Complete a Haunted House quest now
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Hump Racing0 
Bring the thirsty Hump a drink and it may win the race for you.

Complete a Hump Racing quest now
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Kamilah Traveller0 
Bring the items the Kamilah Traveller needs and you may receive Kamilah Codes.

Complete a Kamilah Traveller quest now
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Knutt House0 
Feed these crazy Knutts some nuts and you may win a Staff Costume

Complete a Knutt House quest now
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Knutt Knight0 
Complete the battle quests of the Knutt Knight and you will get BP and diamonds!

Complete a Knutt Knight quest now
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Earn RP by bringing the Leprechaun the items he asks for and completing his quests.

Complete a Leprechaun quest now
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Complete quests for cooking time and cook any two items to a certain hidden recipe.

Complete a Microwave quest now
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Personal Trainer0 
Bring the personal trainer the sports items he needs and he will reward your pet with stats.

Complete a Personal Trainer quest now
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Puchalla Inn0 
Complete Puchalla Inn quests for drinks and receive reward MP or Charisma stats.

Complete a Puchalla Inn quest now
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Queen Bee0 
Bring sweet or scented items to Queen Bee for a prize, stat or sting.

Complete a Queen Bee quest now
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Robot Repair0 
Save these poor robots from becoming scraps by bringing them batteries.

Complete a Robot Repair quest now
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Santa Claws0 
Santa has fired his elves and needs help! Bring him Christmas gifts for a reward.

Complete a Santa Claws quest now
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Secret Santa0 
Help Santa send out presents to the members of Marada and he will reward you.

Complete a Secret Santa quest now
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Sewer Monster0 
Bring the Sewer Monster foods he likes and he'll reward you generously in MP.

Complete a Sewer Monster quest now
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Complete quests to win socks. Match a pair to win the socks for your wardrobe.

Complete a Shusan quest now
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Simerian Excavator0 
Bring the Simerian Excavator the items he needs and you may receive Simerian Slates.

Complete a Simerian Excavator quest now
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Simerian Explorer 
Bring the Simerian Explorer the items he needs and you may receive Runes.

Complete a the Simerian Explorer Treasure Map to use this
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Slater Stalker0 
Complete her quests for hidden avatars and win stalker points.

Complete a Slater Stalker quest now
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Help the snowman send gifts to players that are online and you will be greatly rewarded!

Complete a Snowman quest now
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Sumo Sally 
Complete the battle quests of the Sumo Sally and you will get BP and diamonds!

Add the Sumo Sally Pass to use this
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Fight Talon in the Battle Arena to win MP or magical feathers.

Complete a Talon quest now
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Travis Truck0 
Bring Travis the food he needs to feed his large family and he will reward you.

Complete a Travis Truck quest now

Quest of the Day
Earn 25% more MP

Play Game  Haunted House
Complete Elger's quests to win MP and crystals to train your pets at the Gym.
Mission of the Week
Earn 50% more MP completing levels. Changes Sunday

Play Game  Troll
Complete the rotten Troll missions for a limited edition Oglue pet.

If you add the Quests Giftbox to your collection, every quest will finish in half of the normal time. Talon will also heal twice as fast - for life!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect

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