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CxFwEgU.png Hey!
Username is XxGloryxX but you can call me Glo for short.
XxBlackOutxX is my main pet (Never lending or trade)
FateFinder is my Transformation Pet (Never lending or trade)
Cycad is my School Pet (Never lending, or for trade)

If you noticed I am never trading or lending my Pets.
I am working to hard on them

Player for 5 months, 17 days & 5 hrsJoined 17th Jan 2020 16:39
Hey! I am Glo, check out anything!

Player for 5 months, 17 days & 5 hrs Joined 17th Jan 2020 16:39

XxGloryxX has collected 0 of 76 Giftboxes

XxGloryxX has collected 1 of 23 Maps