The Pound is where pets that other players no longer want are disowned. Take a moment to view the pets and see if you would like to Adopt a Pet. The cost to adopt a pet is the same fee that you would pay for trading the pet. The higher the cost, the higher the pet's stats would be.

You can Disown a Pet for Marapoints 5,000MP once every 18 hours. Disowned pets are made available for other players to adopt at random - up to 72 hours after they have been disowned.
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Pet Pound

You can Disown a Pet for Marapoints 5,000MP
Disowning a pet is final and you may never get the pet back
Anything equipped to it (such as weapons or minipets) will be disowned too!

white Speiro
Health : 1 / 4
Level : 3
Strength : 92
Defence : 92
Speed : 93
Marapoints 16,860MP

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