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  • Mydnight!     ~11 Jul 2019
  • I'll always love you Midni...     ~11 Jul 2019
  • Nymphii's Story.     ~08 Jul 2019
  • Nymphii!     ~08 Jul 2019
  • Marapets is very rewarding :)     ~20 Jun 2019
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  • Midnight's Milestones.     ~17 Jun 2019
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  • In memory of Misty cat.     ~10 Jun 2019
  • I dropped my dog!     ~10 Jun 2019
  • My sweet little Misty..     ~04 Jun 2019

  • Mydnight!

    Posted on : 11th Jul 2019 18:10   Posted by : irishrose
    Mydnight the Blue Kaala is born!

    Mydnight is booked into the Hotel for 365 days.

    Mydnight is protected by the Witch Doctor for 365 days.

    Mydnight changed colour from Blue to Black using the Black costume.

    Mydnight was given Starlight the Kaburi.

    Mydnight has watched Tombola Tunes.

    Mydnight has listened to Tombola Tracks.

    Mydnight has read Book of Strong Arm Techniques.

    I'll always love you Midnight.

    Posted on : 11th Jul 2019 16:19   Posted by : irishrose
    I'm so upset. My new kitten Midnight had to be rehomed after just a month. I gave him such great care and love but unfortunately he began to get very fluffy within the last week and a half and it was affecting my asthma. My old cat Misty was short hair and didn't affect me as badly, also because I wasn't directly involved in his care like I was with Midnight. Midnight got a great home though and that's all I can be thankful for as I have a weight on my chest with the sadness of having to give him up. I miss his cheeky but affectionate ways. I'll always love and remember you wee Midnight xxx

    Nymphii's Story.

    Posted on : 8th Jul 2019 12:17   Posted by : irishrose
    Nymphii was born through forest magic by her creator as an adult Red Fasoro then blessed with the appearance of a Bug Fasoro to better blend in with her surroundings. Nymphii loves exploring the woods with her friend Snixie, her Minipet fairy guardian, which all Marapets born from forest magic have. Nymphii will never die, she will however change form and gain new life as that of a great oak tree when her pet life's energy is almost diminished. That is in fact how the forest was created. Each tree represents a forest born pet who's life energy renewed along with the pet's new form. Each tree still houses the former pet's spirit and it can still communicate with all life within the forest or born from the forest. Unfortunately when a pet reincarnates it's fairy guardian does indeed die. Their little bodies are buried beneath the soil of it's ward as a mark of respect and a token of love between both Marapet and Minipet.



    Posted on : 8th Jul 2019 11:35   Posted by : irishrose
    Nymphii the Red Fasoro is born!

    Nymphii is booked into the Hotel for 365 days.

    Nymphii is protected by the Witch Doctor for 365 days.

    Nymphii has watched Lush Tombola. Item Collector. Eleka Tombola.

    Nymphii has listened to Tombola Tunes. Plushie Fairy Music. Brass Marching Band Playlist. Clarinet Marching Band Playlist. Recorder Marching Band Playlist. Saxophone Marching Band Playlist. Tambourine Marching Band Playlist. Eleka Songs. Deadly Dagger Sounds.

    Nymphii has read Tombola Book. Undying Tombola Book. Book Of Strong Arm Techniques.

    Added Red Fasoro Photo to my Album.

    Nymphii changed to Bug using the Bug Costume.

    Added Bug Fasoro Photo to my Album.

    Gave Nymphii a Minipet Snixie.

    Marapets is very rewarding :)

    Posted on : 20th Jun 2019 07:03   Posted by : irishrose
    I've noticed that this virtual pet site is very rewarding and it keeps me coming back time after time any chance I get. It's great to see the effort you put into the game being rewarded and acknowledged Okay

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