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Marapets is mobile friendly
Always trading photos/plates, and always willing to lend my pets! Some are a bit pricey, though! I'm very nice and am always willing to chat, too. Kindness needs to be spread on Mara! I haggle almost all prices, mine and others! feel free to talk to me about anything! Mara is just a game, it's okay to be serious but I'm typically not!! I trade most items in my shop for photos and plates as well! it pays to be friendly! Wanna know more?/Staff?: see info Staff: Avesatanas1978 and I share an IP address, she is my mom and might be playing sometimes now. ZombieNinja975 and I also share an IP address, he is my hubby and i like to gift him random items and currency sort of often, but know my limits! (mostly lol) (rip, they both rarely play)
More info about me: I am demisexual and bisexual! I love Supernatural (Crowley is my fav character), American Horror Story(I loved all of Jessica Lange's roles tbh), Attack on Titan, video games (Borderlands, Elder Scrolls, Fallout {New Vegas>>>}, Resident Evil 4, 7, and Village, The Sims, CoD, Alice: Madness Returns, and a lot more!) all kinds and types of music (I love The Beatles, Rehab, David Bowie, Transviolet, Lil Peep, Queen, The Misfits, NOFX...and many, many more!), and also love recommendations for new tv shows/books/movies/games and music! Feel free to chat with me anytime, I try my best to answer quickly and be polite, I have major social anxiety which follows me through the internet, so I am very sorry if I'm awkward, just know that I'm trying! <3
  1. Plushie Machine Drops
    10th Mar 2018 15:09
    3 years, 2 months & 4 days ago
daily raffle wins <3
10 months, 20 days & 3 hrs ago
25th Jun 2020 07:24

Congratulations! You won The Twelve Days of Christmas from Dominoes
Congratulations! You won Jar of Fog from Phantom Four
Congratulations! You won Black Sorry Candy Heart from Phantom Four
Congratulations! You won Skull Stamp from Phantom Four
(ive won more but deleted them on accident oops)

enchanted plushie machine has been paying for itself lately
11 months, 6 days & 20 hrs ago
7th Jun 2020 15:02

honestly...I recently got an enchanted phanty plushie from it, and just now, this..You move the claw down...

Queen Eleka Plushie is now in your Items
this is mostly for when i tell myself/hubby "i regret buying the EPMI for so much" because i have no reason to!!!
edit: I got 2 enchanted grey straya plushies during 2for1 enchanted plushie machine week a while ago! needed to add!

i got ANOTHER choco cossie
11 months, 14 days & 13 hrs ago
30th May 2020 21:30

Thank you for finishing my quest on time. Here is your reward..

Chocolate Costume


Chocolate Costume is now in your Items
bruh ive gotten like 4 or 5 now in only 1,239 quests. candy tree loves me so much AdoreAdore

its my birthday!
1 year, 2 months & 6 days ago
9th Mar 2020 10:26


it sums up my whole life that my bday is on a Monday this year Roll Eyes

im feelin lucky today! might buy a bunch of scratchcards and waste some more money in celebration XDWide Grin

i hope everyone has a great day!

xoxo Adore

oh boy
1 year, 2 months & 6 days ago
8th Mar 2020 13:29

i may have just spent all my mp i saved up for the EPI on treasure chests to open on my bday...
do i regret it? not yet.
i guess the EPI will have to wait a couple weeks since i got multiple presents for myself instead XD

at least I'm excited now!! yay!! happy bday to me AdoreSilly

  1. Plushie Machine Drops
    10th Mar 2018 15:09
    3 years, 2 months & 4 days ago